Ranking the Entire Chucky Series!

Child’s Play, like all horror franchises, has had its high and low points.  However, it’s also one of the only franchises (along with Phantasm) that can boast having the same screenwriter for every film…until now that is.  This new remake is certainly stirring up strong opinions, but we’ll wait until it comes out and judge it by its own merits.  But in meantime, let’s take a look back at these films, and rank each one from worst to best:

7. Seed of Chucky
This entry marks a very odd direction that the series went to, especially considering how it began.  Seed of Chucky plays less like a slasher horror, and more like a parody of what it used to be.  We trade a gleefully sadistic Chucky murdering people for a Chucky who has marital spats, disagreements over raising his son, and who enters a 12-step program to overcome his addiction to killing.

It has a lot of meta humor, based around the whole Hollywood culture, but ultimately it fails to stick the landing properly.  Also, the whole subplot of their child Glen/Glenda really goes nowhere, and it’s no surprise this is completely ignored in the subsequent sequels.

6. Child’s Play 3
Don Mancini himself has admitted that this one was far from the greatest.  After the success of Child’s Play 2, this sequel was released only 9 months later, not giving Mancini, or anyone for that matter, time to create a quality film.  He based it on his own experiences at military academy, which explains the odd shift in setting.

In many ways, this feels like a completely separate film about an outcast teen trying to survive military school, then Chucky is shoehorned in, because that was the whole point of making it.  It has one or two memorable moments (such as Chucky swapping the paintballs for real ammunition), but it’s an entry better left forgotten.

5. Bride of Chucky
After a 7 year hiatus, Don Mancini had time to think over his beloved franchise and inject fresh new ideas into it.  This came in the form of introducing Chucky’s girlfriend Tiffany, making her the Bonnie to his Clyde.  While the human characters can be rather annoying (including a young Katherine Heigl), Chucky and Tiffany are a lot of fun to watch together.  This was the first film in the series to go for more comedic, almost satirical approach, but the humor never got as ridiculous as it would in Seed.  Even today, it still makes for a fun, albeit mindless watch.

4. Cult of Chucky
As the most recent entry, Cult was the most difficult to keep fresh, and yet Mancini pulled it off.  In all the previous 6 films, we had only ever dealt with one Chucky doll…until now that is.  Seeing Chucky replicate himself, in full Agent Smith fashion, makes for a compelling story.

In addition, it worked as a suitable sequel to Curse of Chucky, following Nica’s descent into madness (or so she thought).  It’s psych hospital setting gives it a real One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest vibe.  The only major issue is that, while it was cool to see the return of Andy Barclay (now fully grown), his character is incredibly underutilized and wasted.

3. Child’s Play
It’s the film that launched an entire franchise, as well as one of horror’s most beloved villains!  And maybe it’s sacrilege to not have this at the number 1 spot, but let’s be honest, the film has some major issues.  The dialogue and acting can be cheesy at times.  But when it was made, there was no franchise, so there were no real expectations or stakes.

The film’s saving grace is a brilliant performance by Brad Dourif as both serial killer Charles Lee Ray (in the opening scene), and the evil doll Chucky.  It never would have launched so many sequels, had Dourif not been so gleefully evil as that possessed doll.

2. Curse of Chucky
After the poorly received Seed of the Chucky, the series took another long break (8 years) and came back with a brilliant return to form with Curse of Chucky.  It stripped away all the meta humor, and over the top antics, instead opting for a simple, straightforward, horror approach.

We’re introduced to a new family for Chucky to terrorize, and we learn more about his backstory, as it relates to this family.  In a great way, it acted as both a sequel to the earlier films, but was unique and fresh enough that it also could be considered a soft reboot.  Also, the creepy old house made for a great setting.

1. Child’s Play 2
In one of the rare instances of cinematic achievement, the sequel turned out better than the original.  Child’s Play 2 ups the ante with better kills (the yard stick and basement scenes), and a more coherent cast of characters with much better dialogue.

In a strange way, it almost feels like this one could have been the first in the series, as you don’t really need to see the original to understand it.  It’s a shame that the studio demanded such a quick turnaround for the third film, because we never got a sequel with this foster family.

These are of course just the opinions of one person, and not absolute fact.  We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  If you agree or disagree with these picks, let us know in the comments below!



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