Creepshow Review – “Gray Matter”/”The House of the Head” (Spoilers)

In an awesomely surprising move, Shudder dropped their new anthology series Creepshow several hours early today and horror fans couldn’t be more thrilled.  They’ve been eager with anticipation ever since the terrifying streaming service first announced this follow up to the 1982 Stephen King/George A. Romero classic. But in the almost 40 years since that original film, could a new TV revival ever live up … Continue reading Creepshow Review – “Gray Matter”/”The House of the Head” (Spoilers)

AHS 1984: “Mr. Jingles” Review (Spoilers)

Last week, American Horror Story: 1984 proved to be one of the best season premieres in the series’ long history.  It worked perfectly as the first act setup to what is quickly becoming an amalgamation of all our beloved 80’s slashers.  But can the second episode keep this creepy momentum going?  Let’s take a closer look at Episode 2, “Mr. Jingles”! Legitimately Tense Television In … Continue reading AHS 1984: “Mr. Jingles” Review (Spoilers)

“One Cut of the Dead” – Movie Review

As zombie comedies like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland bring a sense of humor to this post apocalyptic subgenre, Japanese film One Cut of the Dead takes it one step further by going full meta. It takes the same tropes we see associated with zombie films and blends them with self-aware humor based around the film industry itself (much like Tropic Thunder).  So let’s … Continue reading “One Cut of the Dead” – Movie Review

AHS: 1984 – “Camp Redwood” Review

Another fall, another season of American Horror Story.  The long-running anthology series is now beginning its 9th season, and for many, it’s hard to remember a time that September wasn’t accompanied by a new season. Now, with Stranger Things, The Goldbergs, and so many others making 80’s nostalgia all the rage, it’s no surprise that American Horror Story is going back to the year 1984! … Continue reading AHS: 1984 – “Camp Redwood” Review

Ranking Every Rob Zombie Movie

Known for his extreme violence and absolutely hostile characters, Rob Zombie has made a name for himself over the years; in both the worlds of heavy metal, and horror films. Part of what always set him apart is his uncompromising attitude to do things and make films his own way.  Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to respect him for never selling out … Continue reading Ranking Every Rob Zombie Movie

“3 From Hell” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

It’s been 14 years since we last saw the Firefly family go to, what we believed was their death.  However, Rob Zombie had something different in mind for these beloved characters as he’s brought them back after a long hiatus. It seems to be common trend in Hollywood these days, with filmmakers revisiting the same characters and stories that once made them famous.  Sometimes it … Continue reading “3 From Hell” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

“Marianne” (Spoiler Free Review)

Amidst all the horror memes and Jason Vorhees social media posts, Netflix quietly dropped a brilliantly creepy French horror series this past Friday the 13th!  Marianne deals with a writer of horror fiction, whose stories seem to be haunting her in the real world.  But more than that, it’s a 8 episode tension build with good scares, and a fascinating reflection on what it means … Continue reading “Marianne” (Spoiler Free Review)

Ranking the Entire Friday the 13th Series!

When it comes to horror villains, few are as iconic, and none can match his body count over a staggering 12 films!  With that said, the filmography of Jason Vorhees has quite literally been all over the place, both in tone and location (from Camp Crystal Lake to Manhattan to Elm Street to outer space).  So let’s take a closer look at Jason’s overall franchise … Continue reading Ranking the Entire Friday the 13th Series!

“It: Chapter 2” Movie Review

Spoiler Free until the end Following up on the highest grossing horror film of all time is no easy task.  However, the Stephen King-based blockbuster from two years ago was merely the first half of a much larger story.  In a strange way, It: Chapter 2 isn’t necessarily a sequel, rather it is the highly anticipated conclusion to a film audiences adored.  So, in order … Continue reading “It: Chapter 2” Movie Review

“The Wrath” – Movie Review

Who says you can’t blend supernatural horror with historical drama?! Vengeful spirits have long been the subject of horror films, particularly those imported from Asia.  Much like how the American urban legend of a hook-handed killer gave birth to the slasher subgenre, ghost stories in Asia have greatly influenced what we’ve come to call “J-Horror”.  The Wrath follows in this long line of tradition. A … Continue reading “The Wrath” – Movie Review