Into the Dark: “Midnight Kiss” Review

With the myriad of Christmas themed horror films, New Year’s Eve so often gets overlooked.  Hulu’s holiday horror anthology, Into the Dark remedied this in 2018 with “New Year, New You”, and now they’ve done so again with “Midnight Kiss”.  While this New Year slasher does a lot for representation in the genre, ultimately it falls short in the horror department.  So let’s take a … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Midnight Kiss” Review

Servant: “Haggis” Review

After weeks of the audience watching everyone act like everything was normal, we finally got an outsider’s perspective of just how weird this has all been.  Admittedly the series has been wearing out it’s slow burn appeal for the last few episodes, but this one gave us just enough to stay interested another week.  Plus there’s haggis! Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned Another Awkward … Continue reading Servant: “Haggis” Review

Top 5 Most Disappointing Horror Films of 2019

We certainly had some horror greats this year (see the full list here), but no year is without its letdowns.  However, let’s be clear and point out that these films are the most disappointing of the year, rather than the worst.  We’re not saying that these are downright terrible, rather they missed the mark on great potential, or failed to live up to expectations. (Click … Continue reading Top 5 Most Disappointing Horror Films of 2019

Top 10 Horror Films of 2019

As the rest of the cinematic landscape is dominated by remakes, reboots, and sequels, horror remains the one genre where an original idea can still thrive.  And while horror certainly has its share of all those (including a few on this list), we’re thrilled to say that 2019 was filled with a variety of fun, creative, and compelling horror.  So let’s dive in to the … Continue reading Top 10 Horror Films of 2019

45 Merry Facts About “Black Christmas”

Argued by many to be the first true slasher, agreed by all to be a horror and Christmas classic, Black Christmas has certainly made its mark in the cinematic landscape.  It may have been remade twice, but there’s no topping the iconic original (we even an official showdown here). So as we celebrate this horror classic turning 45 years old, let’s bask in the yuletide … Continue reading 45 Merry Facts About “Black Christmas”

Servant: “Rain” Review

For the sixth episode in a row, Servant has managed to relish in its own mystery, all while still revealing very little.  This week’s episode “Rain” is in many ways the creepiest we’ve seen thus far.  And in a strange way it plays out like a twisted version of a sitcom episode (let me explain). Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned!!! You Don’t Know Creepy … Continue reading Servant: “Rain” Review

Why Christmas and Horror Go Hand-in-Hand

There seems to be a slasher film for just about every holiday out there.  Between Leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day, Uncle Sam for the 4th of July, and April Fool’s Day/Mother’s Day for their titular holidays, horror fans can find maybe one or two films for any time of year. But when it comes to Christmas, suddenly that number skyrockets.  Halloween seems to get the … Continue reading Why Christmas and Horror Go Hand-in-Hand

“Black Christmas” 1974 vs. 2006 vs. 2019

Hollywood’s penchant for remakes has reached the point that we’re now getting remakes of remakes, which shouldn’t be all that surprising anymore.  Nevertheless, it’s given us cases, such as this, where we now have three versions of the same film. However, these three could not be any more different.  So in the spirit of Christmas cheer and holiday horror, we thought it would be fun … Continue reading “Black Christmas” 1974 vs. 2006 vs. 2019

45 Fun Facts About “Young Frankenstein”

Known for his brilliantly dark sense of humor and his witty, satirical takes on pop culture, Mel Brooks gave his version of the classic “Frankenstein” story back in 1974.  Like most of his projects, it was hilarious, and remains a comedic classic to this day!  So in honor of its 45th anniversary today, here are 45 fun facts about Young Frankenstein! 1. Gene Wilder always … Continue reading 45 Fun Facts About “Young Frankenstein”