The Outsider: “Que Viene el Coco” Review

As we delve deeper into the mystery that is The Outsider, this week seemed to mark a subtle, albeit definitive shift in overall tone and genre. For fans of the hard-boiled detective version of King we met in “Mr. Mercedes”, this may be a bit disappointing. But for fans of his classic horror (of which they are many), this episode will certainly excite them! Putting … Continue reading The Outsider: “Que Viene el Coco” Review

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”: Part 3 Review

The trailers (including a catchy music video) promised us that we’d see hell, and on that promise, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina more than delivers with its latest installment of episodes!  Much like Part 2 however, there’s a lot that really works, and unfortunately there’s some that really doesn’t.  So let’s take a closer look at Part 3 of the series about our beloved teenage … Continue reading “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”: Part 3 Review

“The Turning” – Movie Review

In the long history of horror, creepy kids and old mansions have always been sources of immense terror, and putting them together often proves to be a lethal combination.  Utilizing both of these elements, The Turning seeks to adapt a 19th Century story into a “modern” setting. And while the scares and tension remain rampant throughout, it’s very likely going to be up for debate … Continue reading “The Turning” – Movie Review

10 Fun Facts About “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil”

It’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire decade since Tucker & Dale vs. Evil first debuted at Sundance, but in the ten subsequent years, it’s safe to say that this film has gained the rank of cult classic. Between its complete subversion of tropes, strong characters, creative/bloody kills, and brilliant sense of humor, this movie will definitely be fondly remembered for decades to … Continue reading 10 Fun Facts About “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil”

The Outsider: “Dark Uncle” Review

After an explosive and intense series premiere, The Outsider took a step back this week to get its bearings and set up what is to come.  By no means was this a bad thing, but there’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get started. Wave of Mysteries Following the discovery in the abandoned barn, the police department follow up, gathering further evidence and adding to … Continue reading The Outsider: “Dark Uncle” Review

30 Fun Facts About “Tremors”

In a genre that relishes so much in dark and stormy nights, one horror franchise has shown fans that terrifying monsters can strike in the sun-scorched desert in broad daylight. These nefarious graboids (as well as their hilariously named offspring) are now celebrating their 30th anniversary since they first emerged from the Earth and into the hearts and minds of countless monster movie fans. So … Continue reading 30 Fun Facts About “Tremors”

Evil: “Justice x 2” Review

In a series that deals with things like demonic possession and paranormal activity, Evil has still managed to exist within the fringes of the supernatural, and surprisingly so, can often come off as quite realistic…until this latest episode that is.  “100 Days” was equally compelling as it was bizarre, but more than this, it was certainly memorable.  There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get … Continue reading Evil: “Justice x 2” Review

The Outsider: “Fish in a Barrel”/”Roanoke” Review

With It: Chapter 2 coming and going in September and Castle Rock Season 2 ending in December, Stephen King fans didn’t have to wait long for another adaption of his work.  The latest is HBO’s newest miniseries, The Outsider, based on King’s recent 2018 novel. Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned!!! Frustratingly Unexplainable The series begins with the gruesome discovery of a young boy’s murder … Continue reading The Outsider: “Fish in a Barrel”/”Roanoke” Review

Evil: “Room 320” Review

We’ve had to wait a month after David’s attack to see what happened and Evil wasted no time jumping right back into it.  What results is an oddly surreal and beautifully trippy story that we’re never quite sure what’s really happening in. Minor Spoilers Ahead What’s Real Anymore? “Room 320” opens with David being rushed to the hospital, with Kristen and Ben worrying in the … Continue reading Evil: “Room 320” Review

“The Ring” vs. “The Grudge”: Which is Better?

With the newest installment to The Grudge (as well as 2017’s Rings) it seems that these two seemingly forgotten Japanese remake franchise still have some life (or death) left in them.  While both left something to be desired in terms of reception and box office performance, both of these series were at the forefront of the Asian-Horror remake phase that was ever prevalent in the … Continue reading “The Ring” vs. “The Grudge”: Which is Better?