Evil: “Room 320” Review

We’ve had to wait a month after David’s attack to see what happened and Evil wasted no time jumping right back into it.  What results is an oddly surreal and beautifully trippy story that we’re never quite sure what’s really happening in.

Minor Spoilers Ahead

What’s Real Anymore?
“Room 320” opens with David being rushed to the hospital, with Kristen and Ben worrying in the waiting room.  They hear that David spoke the word “Ghana” following the attack, which Ben recognizes as a reference to an old case they worked.  He and Kristen delve into this mystery, while consulting with the former psychiatrist who used to work with them, much to Kristen’s surprise, as she always believed she was the first.

That face you make when you thought you were someone’s first…

Meanwhile at the hospital, David’s perception blurs between reality and drug induced hysteria, as he’s not quite sure what’s real and what’s not.  The patient in the other bed, Harlan, warns him of the dangers of this place, particularly that of a nurse, who keeps over-medicating David for some nefarious purpose.  He struggles, but eventually manages to contact Kristen.  Upon her visit, she finds something extremely unsettling about this nurse, which leads to a grisly discovery by the hospital.

Note to creepers: don’t keep trophies because it makes for excellent evidence in court!

Lack of Payoff
In Kristen and Ben’s investigation, they are able to discover the identity of David’s attacker, who also happens to be the person behind the creepy VR game that’s been plaguing Kristen’s family.

The username associated with the creepy little girl turned out to be someone from David’s past, but given how long the mystery has persisted, this moment isn’t really treated with the gravitas it deserves.  Not that the reveal was handled poorly, it just felt like more time and attention should have been devoted to it, given how long we’ve all been curious about it.

Nurse Rached Meets Annie Wilkes
The episode truly shines in the frightening reality that is David’s hospital stay.   He sees everything from Harlan losing his legs, to being replaced entirely, and even a team of demonic orderlies.  Once again, Evil flirts with that supernatural line and always keeps everything just believable enough that it could it explained rationally.

Either this is a nightmare, or this hospital has started hiring demons!

Everything David sees could easily be attributed to the medication being administered by Nurse Linda, who steals this episode by the way.  Given his condition, we’re never truly sure what’s happening or what he’s hallucinating, and the episode relishes in this ambiguity brilliantly.

Tara Summers gives one of the best performances we’ve seen all season. Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of her. As many fans would love to see Nurse Linda team up with Leland (assuming they haven’t done so already).

Leland was sorely missed, but hopefully we’ll get more of him next week, as well as the continuation of whatever sinister scheme he has planned.  But for now, this trippy storyline will be enough to hold us over!

What did you think of “Room 320”?  What are your predictions for next week?  Let us know in the comments below.  And for more reviews, rankings, and other fun horror content, follow Halloween Year-Round on Facebook and Twitter!

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