“Last Man on Earth” vs. “Omega Man” vs. “I Am Legend”

One source novel, three very different adaptations (four if you count the mockbuster). Richard Matheson’s classic novel “I Am Legend” would go on to inspire the entire post-apocalyptic subgenre for decades to come, and there’s a reason the story kept getting adapted. Now with pandemic-related fears and anxieties all around the world, many are turning to films like these as a form of ironic escapism, … Continue reading “Last Man on Earth” vs. “Omega Man” vs. “I Am Legend”

Remembering Krzysztof Penderecki and the Horror Movies That Featured his Music

While sadly not a household name among most casual fans, the music of Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki is as iconic as it is brilliant. The world has truly lost a musical legend, however we can take solace in knowing he made it to 86 years old, something we all hope for. So to honor the late, great Penderecki, we thought it would be fitting to … Continue reading Remembering Krzysztof Penderecki and the Horror Movies That Featured his Music

“Vivarium” – Movie Review

The promise of a cookie-cutter house in suburbia used to be the American dream back in the 1950’s and 60’s. In these modern, uncertain times however, it’s a fitting subject for a psychological thriller. Vivarium explores the desires and anxieties of young people, but in an exaggerated, surreal manner. Like horror films are supposed to do, it takes a simple concept and runs with it … Continue reading “Vivarium” – Movie Review

Ranking Every Dracula Actor

Spanning 90 years of cinema, Dracula is one of the most iconic characters in horror, as well as pop culture overall. And over those years, we’ve seen a myriad of performances, ranging from terrifying to sympathetic, to hilarious, to boring. It’s amazing to think that a literary villain from over 120 years ago is still so recognizable today. But the reason is because so many … Continue reading Ranking Every Dracula Actor

Pet Semetary 1989 vs. 2019

Between It, Doctor Sleep, the upcoming Stand reboot, Mr. Mercedes, and The Outsider, we seem to be a new renaissance of Stephen King adaptations. In particular, rebooting old “campy” adaptations from decades past into modern, scarier versions. While It got all of the attention over the last few years, there’s another iconic book of his, which got the same cinematic treatment, but not the same … Continue reading Pet Semetary 1989 vs. 2019

“Daniel Isn’t Real” – Movie Review

Trauma often leaves a lasting impression on those who survive it, and coupled with an already turbulent and transformative time, trauma can certainly come back to bite. Daniel Isn’t Real takes this idea, and runs with it to a surreal and unsettling place, as horror films often do. This latest Shudder exclusive will have its audience questioning their own sanity. So as we prepare to … Continue reading “Daniel Isn’t Real” – Movie Review

“Dagon”: Stuart Gordon’s Underrated Masterpiece

As horror fans mourn the tragic loss of beloved writer/director Stuart Gordon, many are turning to his brilliant films as a source of comfort. Having written Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and directed many horror classics like Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Dolls, Gordon demonstrated quite the range. He is perhaps most famous for his adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft, including the two already mentioned. However, there … Continue reading “Dagon”: Stuart Gordon’s Underrated Masterpiece

“The Babysitter” vs. “Satanic Panic”

Two similar premises of horror-comedies dealing with Satanist cults, two very different executions. Both The Babysitter and Satanic Panic approach their very dark subject matter with a sense of humor, and both are incredibly entertaining in their own ways. But since comparing similar movies like this is simply irresistible to movie buffs, we thought it would be fun to compare the two! Spoilers Ahead for … Continue reading “The Babysitter” vs. “Satanic Panic”

Ranking Pandemic Horror Movies From Least to Most Realistic

With the whole world in a state of quarantine-induced anxiety, many are turning to watching movies about pandemics as a source of catharsis. Horror films in particular have always done a great job of taking that which we fear, and running with it to its most extreme point. Because of this, there is no shortage of films dealing with viral outbreaks and pandemics that people … Continue reading Ranking Pandemic Horror Movies From Least to Most Realistic

“Vampires” (Netflix) Season 1 Review

Once again, Netflix has proven that while their original movies and series can be very hit or miss, the “originals” they import from Europe always hit their mark, particularly in the horror/thriller genre. Between Marianne, Veronica, The Platform, and now Vampires, those viewers who can handle reading subtitles (which really isn’t hard) are getting to enjoy better material than Netflix tends to put out (excluding … Continue reading “Vampires” (Netflix) Season 1 Review