“The Babysitter” vs. “Satanic Panic”

Two similar premises of horror-comedies dealing with Satanist cults, two very different executions.

Both The Babysitter and Satanic Panic approach their very dark subject matter with a sense of humor, and both are incredibly entertaining in their own ways.

But since comparing similar movies like this is simply irresistible to movie buffs, we thought it would be fun to compare the two!

Spoilers Ahead for The Babysitter and Satanic Panic (obviously)!!!

Round 1 – Protagonist
Both films feature an innocence-representing main character, who is unexpectedly thrust into a deadly situation.

Sam from Satanic Panic is just trying to deliver pizzas and make some money via tips, when she finds herself surround by red cloaked Satanists looking for a virgin to sacrifice. Upon learning that she is one, she spends the night fighting for her life.

Then we have the young and naïve Cole who ends up running for his life from his beloved babysitter Bee and her Satanic friends, after witnessing something he shouldn’t have.

Cole takes his knowledge of movies, as well as police codes and puts it to use, fighting them off. Although most of his “kills” are done merely accidentally.

But it’s incredibly satisfying to see the constantly-bullied Cole stand up for himself and steal a car, and drive it through his living room to kill Bee.

While we of course root for Sam for the duration of Satanic Panic, her transformation at the end doesn’t seem as large or significant as Cole’s.

Round 1 Winner – The Babysitter

Round 2 – Antagonist
They say that a hero is only as good as their villain, and in the case of The Babysitter and Satanic Panic, both offer fun villains that serve as an interesting foil to the main character.

The former does a great job of establishing the strong bond between Cole and Bee beforehand.  They have a great chemistry and it seems like Bee genuinely enjoys spending time with him.

Which is what makes it all the more tragic when Bee reveals who she truly is and hunts Cole. But even then, it seems that she would rather him join her at the end.

However, it’s very difficult to outdo Rebecca Romijn’s Danica Ross. Ross is wildly wealthy and successful entrepreneur (most likely due to help from the occult), and she spends most the film not only pursuing Sam, but also fighting off mutinous members of her cult.

By the end of the film, she has successfully capture Sam (as well as her own daughter), and killed those who tried to supplant her.

Ultimately, Ross’ defeat is only brought on by a powerful demon called Samaziel. So, due to her nearly unstoppable power, this round goes to Satanic Panic!

Round 2 Winner – Satanic Panic

Round 3 – Humor
What separates both of these movies from other Satanic films like House of the Devil, is the dark comedy approach to this creepy subject matter. Satanic Panic takes a more background approach to the humor.

There are still plenty of jokes, but they never take over the narrative. The Babysitter on the other hand feels more like a comedy at times than a horror film. Its jokes are constant, and consistently funny (for the most part).

It’s difficult to compare two different kinds of humor, since it’s such a subjective idea, however, we have to give this round to The Babysitter, simply because its humor perpetuates much more.

Round 3 Winner – The Babysitter

Round 4 – Satanism/Occult
Admittedly, this is probably the strangest category to compare two movies on, but given this showdown, it’s very fitting. Both movies utilize humor, but we can’t forget the demonic aspect either.

The Babysitter shows us the beginning of the ritual, as they make a human sacrifice and take Cole’s blood. But we never actually see the ritual performed, or the effects of using dark magic such as this.

In fact, by the end of the movie, we’re never quite sure if the ritual would really have worked. Satanic Panic on the other hand, demonstrates the use of death curses, drowning on land, and even an actual demon, all via actual black magic.

Round 4 Winner – Satanic Panic

Round 5 – Kills
However, we couldn’t finish out this horror showdown without looking at the kills. The Babysitter has some great kills and gore, with knives to the head, fire poker to the face, hanging, gas explosion, and driving a car through a house (which technically doesn’t count).

While Cole demonstrates a Kevin McAllister-like affinity for defending his house, most of his kills are accidental in nature. Satanic Panic does have more creative kills, including a decapitation by demon, and as previously mentioned, someone drowning while not being in water.

Its kills can be more creative, but The Babysitter has better gorier, and frankly more memorable ones.

Round 5 (and overall) Winner – The Babysitter

It was very close, and honestly both films are extremely entertaining. Netflix has also announced that a follow up sequel, The Babysitter 2 is due out by the end of 2020. Which film is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Babysitter is streaming exclusively on Netflix

Satanic Panic is streaming exclusively on Shudder



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