Recommendations From Shudder’s Hotline – Week 2

Another week, another hotline call, another list of 4 awesome horror movies! As we all try to stay busy in quarantine, Shudder just continued their Halfway to Halloween Hotline for its second week (2 more to go), and they didn’t disappoint!

Every Friday in April (from 3-4pm EST), you call the hotline number, speak directly with one of their curators, discuss what your preferences are, and the curator gives you awesome recommendations from Shudder’s Library.

I called yesterday, and once again asked for recommendations in the following subgenres: monster, slasher/serial killer, sci-fi, and supernatural. So let’s dive into these 4 great movies, as suggested by Shudder’s curator!

Cold Skin (2017) – Monster
Directed by Xavier Gens, Written by Jesús Olmo, Eron Sheean, and Albert Sánchez Piñol

If The Descent and The Lighthouse had a baby, with little bit of Shape of Water thrown in there, this would be the end result!

This atmospheric movie has a great sense of isolation that’s very relevant today, and it makes for a great winter watch. As far as monster horror goes, it has us both fearing and sympathizing with the “monsters” in a clever twist of storytelling.

That, along with a gritty performance by Ray Stevenson rounds out this dark and tense monster action/thriller!

Deadly Games aka Game Over (1989) – Slasher/Serial Killer
Written and Directed by René Manzor

This French Christmas serial killer is considered by many to be the precursor to Home Alone, and after watching it, it’s hard not to see it.

Both films involve a young boy defending his home from hostile invaders, and resorting to elaborate “traps” to do so. The difference however is Deadly Games features a boy dressing as Rambo, and gets much more violent and disturbing.

Oh and the person breaking in is a man dressed as Santa, who’s actually trying to kill him. It will make you never look at Home Alone the same way again, and it’s worth watching for that alone!

Ever After aka Endzeit (2018) – Sci Fi Horror
Directed by Carolina Hellsgård, Written by Olivia Vieweg

No, not the Cinderella movie with Drew Barrymore, although that’s a very disturbing story as well.

This German post-apocalyptic zombie movie explores the ideas of society, nature, and what it means to be civilized.

After the zombie takeover, only two cities remain intact, one believes in killing the zombies, while the other believes they can be helped.

As a teenage girl makes the journey from the former to the latter, she discovers that the zombies themselves are assimilating and making the world their own.

For those who remember the “return to normalcy” speech from 28 Days Later, this film feels like that idea fully realized.

In the Mouth of Madness (1995) – Supernatural
Directed by John Carpenter, Written by Michael De Luca

Today’s final recommendation is one that many horror fans will at least be familiar with. However it’s leaving Shudder in a few weeks, and now’s a great time to catch up on this John Carpenter classic, or watch it for the first time if you haven’t seen it.

It’s the type of movie that is so surreal and trippy, that you’ll be questioning your own sanity by the end, and that’s very much the point.

It’s one that I’ll definitely watch again very soon just to try and catch things I missed the first time round.

While not directly based on any work by H.P. Lovecraft, it’s definitely inspired by him, all through the lens of horror master John Carpenter!

All four of these movies are great to put on and help pass the time while in quarantine. And don’t forget to call the Shudder hotline next Friday from 3-4pm EST for more recommendations. It’s a truly unique service that no other streaming platform comes close to providing!

Cold Skin, Deadly Games, Ever After, and In the Mouth of Madness are all currently streaming on Shudder.

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