Why “Repo! The Genetic Opera” is the Best Horror Musical

Whenever the subject of “horror musicals” comes up, most fans immediately conjure up images of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or The Nightmare Before Christmas. And while both of these are classics in their own right, there’s another film that deserves to be proudly remembered with them. Unique Concept The original stage play debuted in 2002 as a sort of underground, very off Broadway production. … Continue reading Why “Repo! The Genetic Opera” is the Best Horror Musical

25 Steamy Facts About “Embrace of the Vampire”

Ever since Dracula was trying to seduce and turn the likes of Mina and Lucy in Bram Stoker’s novel, there has always been a strange eroticism associated with vampires. Most vampire movies involve some level of romance or sexuality, and nowhere is it as overt as in 1995’s Embrace of the Vampire. So, in honor of its 25th anniversary today, here are 25 fun facts … Continue reading 25 Steamy Facts About “Embrace of the Vampire”

Why “Hatchet” is the Perfect Franchise for Horror Fans

The 80’s was definitely the era of the slasher film. After a decade of dominating the horror landscape, they began to fall into mediocrity among fans in the 90’s. While Scream helped revive them for a brief time, they never really regained the status they once had. The 2000’s certainly has had its fair share of slashers released here and there. But as far as … Continue reading Why “Hatchet” is the Perfect Franchise for Horror Fans

“Confessional” – Movie Review

The faux documentary and found footage subgenres have a great deal of overlap, especially in horror. At times, they can be used to tell a fascinating and compelling story. And at other times, it can be used merely as a gimmick for an idea that was never that interesting to begin with. Sadly, Shudder’s new exclusive film, Confessional falls into the latter. Presenting itself as … Continue reading “Confessional” – Movie Review

“Girls Just Wanna Have Blood” – Movie Review

Horror movies often fall into two categories, the ones that take themselves seriously to disturb you (The Shining, The Exorcist), and the ones that don’t to make you laugh (Evil Dead, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil). And then there’s some horror movies that make you cringe with how terrible they are, but are admittedly so laughably bad that they’re still funny. Girls Just Wanna Have … Continue reading “Girls Just Wanna Have Blood” – Movie Review

What’s the Best Slasher Remake?

Remakes and horror have always gone hand in hand. Many forget that even classics like David Cronenberg’s The Fly, John Carpenter’s The Thing, and even all of the Hammer monster classics were all remakes of decades-old classics. But for many, it seemed that 21st century was riddled with unnecessary remakes of beloved classics, particularly slashers. This resulted in iconic characters like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, … Continue reading What’s the Best Slasher Remake?

Why “Ready or Not” is the Perfect Horror Comedy

Dealing with in-laws can be an immense source of stress, and according to some studies, is even one of the top causes for divorce. Couple this with the anxiety and stress already associated with weddings and the result can be quite difficult. So naturally, the horror genre is the perfect place to take this idea, and run with it to its most extremely disturbing (and … Continue reading Why “Ready or Not” is the Perfect Horror Comedy

25 Fun Facts About “Tales from the Hood”

Horror films have always been a great avenue to explore social, political, and even racial controversies throughout history. Jordan Peele’s Get Out managed to scare audiences, while also gaining the attention of the Academy for what his film was trying to say. But, when it comes to horror films dealing with racial issues, there are none that capture the idea quite like 1995’s Tales from … Continue reading 25 Fun Facts About “Tales from the Hood”

Reacting to the Original Reviews of “The Shining” from 1980 [VIDEO]

Considered by many to be among the greatest horror films ever made, The Shining‘s significance in horror and pop culture can’t be overstated.  Upon its release in May of 1980 however, critics weren’t very kind to it. For many, they simply didn’t get what Kubrick was trying to do, and judged it by conventional film standards (and there’s absolutely nothing conventional about that movie). So, … Continue reading Reacting to the Original Reviews of “The Shining” from 1980 [VIDEO]

“The Wretched” – Movie Review

Animosity or anxiety towards our neighbors has long been an American tradition, so it’s no surprise that horror films have often utilized this trope. Films like Rear Window, and its blatant ripoff Disturbia come to mind. The Wretched takes this premise, and attempts to spice things up with a supernatural twist. But it’s more than just your ordinary horror film. Given the current pandemic, this … Continue reading “The Wretched” – Movie Review