“Night of The Living Deb”: The Perfect Unconventional 4th of July Horror Movie

When it comes to 4th of July themed horror films, most people go straight to Jaws, Return of the Living Dead, I Know What You Did Last Summer, or Uncle Sam (as well as Independence Day, but that’s really more sci-fi/action).

There certainly aren’t as many movies for this holiday as there are Halloween or Christmas, which means that when a new one gets released, it deserves some recognition. And by new release, we mean 2015’s Night of the Living Deb.

While the 4th of July setting doesn’t play too much into the film’s plot, it is still set on that holiday, and therefore counts. Plus, it’s a really creative and fun zombie movie with a lot of heart!

Subverts Expectations
Night of the Living Deb toys with the tropes of both romantic comedies and zombie horror. Technically it’s a spoof of both genres, but the word “satire” is definitely a better fit here, since it’s most commonly used for spoofs that are smart and clever.

It pokes fun at the love at first sight/one night stand trope that so commonly leads to two people who irritate each other falling in love by the end. To be fair, this movie follows that very same trope, but it mocks it in a tongue and cheek manner every step of the way.

They say that stressful and intense situations often bring people closer together!

It also plays with zombie clichés, including going against one of the biggest tropes associated with biting (which we won’t spoil). Ultimately, it sets out to poke fun at two genres and does so with a lot of charm.

Surprisingly Relevant
One of the primary conflicts of the movie is the fact that the government has quarantined Portland, Maine, the only city affected by the zombie outbreak, and are attempting to keep the whole thing under wraps.

Word gets out via social media, but many people are quick to dismiss it as fake news. It serves as a reminder that in our chaotic and turbulent news cycle, it’s difficult to get a true consensus of agreement of whether something that seems like a simple fact is a fact at all.

Even with a live broadcast showing seemingly incontrovertible proof, many still doubt it over the internet. Plus (minor spoiler), the zombie outbreak is caused by tainted water due to the government allowing corporations to pollute it however they wanted.

Ray Wise does a great job of portraying the embodiment of corporate greed.

So if you’re looking for something fun to watch this July 4th, that isn’t from the usual list, this makes for an excellent selection. It’s currently streaming on Shudder and IMDb TV!

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