“Host” – Movie Review

While the world dealt with the complete lockdown in the early months of the global pandemic, Shudder thought that adding a little demonic horror to the mix would spice things up, and they weren’t wrong. The result is Host, a film shot entirely over Zoom, and one which achieves maximum scares and impressive technical achievements, with minimal resources.

What Else Is There To Do?
Amidst the worldwide pandemic, a group of friends gets together over Zoom in order to have a socially distance séance. They bring on a medium, and as they reach out to the spirit world, she cautions them that they must be very strong with their mental visuals so as to create the same circle of protection one would have from an in-person séance. As they reach out to the spirit world, something nefarious comes through and cue the ensuing terror!

At first, it might seem like a strange idea to toy with the supernatural, during a time of such global anxiety. And while it’s not really a subject of the film itself, the characters make a reference or two to the fact that it’s going on.

However, doing so can provide an excellent distraction from fear and anxiety of the virus itself. It’s the reason why so many people enjoy horror films in general, because it provides a safe space to get scared. And it’s the reason why Host is sort of the perfect movie to have been made and watched during this stressful time for the whole world.

Director Rob Savage previously directed True Horror, a paranormal docuseries that’s another Shudder Exclusive!

Demonic Realism
Given that we were all forced to stay in our homes (some us are still), we all became very accustomed to communicating with others via Zoom (sorry Skype, you had your chance). So it’s a format we can all relate to, and really helps Host feel all the more realistic. It’s the type of film that’s quite the experience, especially if you’re watching on your computer at night with all the lights out, which we totally recommend!  Honestly, watching it on a TV during the day probably wouldn’t have the same effect.

All the characters feel like real people that we could know in everyday life and their reactions of horror are quite plausible. It’s actually kind of amazing how much they pulled off with all the actors filming remotely in their homes. Between seemingly practical stunts and occasional CGI, it used it limitations to its advantage and the end result is legitimately creepy.

Horror is the one genre that thrives from lack of budget, resources, and star power. Host serves as proof that it all it takes of some creativity and ingenuity to terrify audiences!

Host is streaming exclusively on Shudder!

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