“The New Mutants” – Movie Review

Well it’s finally here! It’s been through reshoots, the Disney/Fox merger, a global pandemic, New Mutants is finally being released in theaters, nearly 2 ½ years after it was originally slated for release. Can it live up to all the hype, or has all the waiting given everyone an unrealistic expectation. Let’s take a closer look and find out! (Spoiler Free Until the End) Disclaimer: … Continue reading “The New Mutants” – Movie Review

10 Fun Facts About “The Last Exorcism”

Ever since sending shockwaves around the world in 1973, no other film has reached the level that The Exorcist did in terms of cultural impact. In fact, most horror filmmakers try to find ways to subvert the tropes set forth by that classic film. One such movie that does a particularly interesting job of this is 2010’s The Last Exorcism. Produced by Eli Roth, it’s … Continue reading 10 Fun Facts About “The Last Exorcism”

“The Shed” – Movie Review

Adolescence can truly be a horrifying time, as we all know, having gone through it ourselves. The Shed takes all of the frustrations and externalizes them into monster horror. Real World Problems Living with his strict grandfather, Stan’s home life is far from ideal. He doesn’t quite fit in with school, and often finds himself at odds with a trio of bullies, who constantly pick … Continue reading “The Shed” – Movie Review

The Realistic Horror of “13 Cameras”

Some of the most frightening horror films out there are the ones that make no attempt to jump out and startle you, but rather leave you feeling disturbed in the days and weeks that follow. 13 Cameras, along with its sequel 14 Cameras taps into very real fears, and thusly remains one of the scariest films currently on Netflix. But what makes it so unsettling? … Continue reading The Realistic Horror of “13 Cameras”

Lovecraft Country: “Whitey’s on the Moon” Review

Week 2 of Lovecraft Country wasted no time delving deep into the mythical and supernatural. However, beneath this façade of elegance and opulence, lies something far more sinister! Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned Sons of Sons After Tic, George, and Leti were save from the monsters by a mysterious whistle, they find themselves in an archaic mansion that’s just as creepy as it is … Continue reading Lovecraft Country: “Whitey’s on the Moon” Review

“Peninsula” – Movie Review

Following up Train to Busan is no easy task. The 2016 Korean zombie film made international waves and is considered by many to be a modern classic. Even its animated prequel Seoul Station was criticized because it couldn’t quite live up to the first movie. Peninsula falls into a similar tragic pitfall. When holding it up against Train to Busan, it will inevitably come up … Continue reading “Peninsula” – Movie Review

“Random Acts of Violence” – Movie Review

For decades gory violence has been the bread and butter for many horror films (particularly slashers), much to the dismay of those who argue that it inspires real violence. Whether it was Tipper Gore’s anti-horror campaign in the 80’s to modern day condemnations of violent video games causing real life school violence, it’s an argument that is always around. The vast majority of horror fans … Continue reading “Random Acts of Violence” – Movie Review

Why We Don’t Need an Exorcist Reboot

There are few films in history that have had such a cultural impact as 1973’s The Exorcist. For long time it was highest grossing horror film (as well as highest grossing “R” rated film) of all time, and it is still considered by many to be the scariest movie ever made. So it seems a bit sudden and out of left field that Morgan Creek … Continue reading Why We Don’t Need an Exorcist Reboot

20 Strange Facts About “The Cell”

The word strange doesn’t begin to describe the 2000 movie The Cell. Part Se7en/Silence of the Lambs gritty crime thriller and part The Matrix/Inception dreamlike, and it makes for a truly unique viewing experience. It’s always been very divisive among horror fans, some claiming that it’s artistically brilliant, and others arguing that it’s a whole lot of style with no actual substance. But the one … Continue reading 20 Strange Facts About “The Cell”

30 Fun Facts About “The Exorcist III”

For over 40 years, The Exorcist has been considered by many to be the greatest and most frightening horror film ever made. Its reputation is unlike any other. However, its sequel The Exorcist II: The Heretic is remembered as one of the worst horror movie and most unnecessary sequels in history. The third entry in the series is another story entirely. Serving as more of … Continue reading 30 Fun Facts About “The Exorcist III”