Alignment Chart: Horror Edition

Originating in Dungeons & Dragons, the Alignment Chart has transcended into general pop culture, and it’s difficult to scroll through any social media feed without seeing it pop up.

There’s an inherent fascination with sorting our favorite characters from various media.  So in the interest of shamelessly following internet trends, we thought it would be fun to take the same approach but with horror characters: the good, the neutral, and of course the evil!

Lawful Good – Van Helsing
In addition to being Dracula’s nemesis, Van Helsing is the only monster hunter who’s just as famous as the villains he pursues.  With the power of righteousness on his side, he’s proven to be very effective.  Although he is portrayed as a villain sometimes, such as Hotel Transylvania 3, it’s usually only done when the roles are reversed and the “monsters” are the protagonists.

Neutral Good – Nancy Thompson
Arguably one of the best final girls in horror history, Nancy proves that all it takes to defeat a supernatural dream demon is ingenuity and determination.  At every turn, her parents, and even her boyfriend Glenn tell her she’s just imagining everything and to stop pursuing it, but in the end her teenage rebelliousness winds up leading her to defeating Freddy Krueger himself!

Chaotic Good – Ash Williams
He’s a groovy, wise-cracking, boomstick wielding hero that kind of makes things up as he goes along, but when it comes to fighting Deadites, there’s no one better.  Ash is a lot of fun, and he’ll do whatever it takes to fend off the forces of darkness.

Lawful Neutral – Daniel Robataille aka “Candyman”
Candyman’s tragic backstory is rooted in very real and shameful evils from our history.  No one deserves to be gruesomely lynched just because they fell in love with someone of a different race.  Now over a century later his vengeful spirit has a great sense of elegance and dignity.  He’s seeking an well-deserved retribution, although his actions often harm people who are just as innocent as he was.

True Neutral – Pinhead
As he described in the first Hellraiser movie, Pinhead and his Cenobites are “angels to some, demons to others”.  He’s not actively seeking people to capture and torment, nor is he malicious in any way.  Rather, he’s a force of nature that only reacts when someone opens the box, and whether or not he’s the bringer of pain or pleasure is entirely dependent on the individual person.

Chaotic Neutral – Beetlejuice
It’s hard to ever tell what side Beetlejuice is on (other than his own).  Ever the opportunist, he’ll be a bio-exorcist at your service, but also won’t hesitate to use and manipulate you if it serves him.  He’s really only out for himself, and does whatever benefits him.  But if you get on his good side, he can be a lot of fun to hang out with, granted you don’t mind massive amounts of destruction and property damage.

Lawful Evil – John Kramer aka “Jigsaw”
He’s definitely a stickler for rules, and breaking them is the fastest way to end up dead in one of his “tests”.  Jigsaw believes that he has the right to test people’s will to live, and dole out final judgement of whether or not they’ve learned anything.  Ultimately he wants his subjects to survive his tests and come out having learned something, but he takes it upon himself to test them and is an incredibly harsh judge.

Neutral Evil – Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Depending on the impression you make on him, Hannibal is equally likely to brutally kill you and eat you, or discuss opera and Italian art with you for hours.  He won’t hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way, but he usually won’t seek someone out unless he finds them to be rude (or their lack of skill is bringing down the orchestra).

Chaotic Evil – Charles Lee Ray aka “Chucky”
Even before he transferred his soul into a novelty children’s toy, Chucky was known as the Lakeshore Strangler, an infamous serial killer in the Chicago area.  He kills people who get in his way, he kills people that are annoying, and he even kills people because he becomes addicted to it.  Chucky has absolutely no rhyme or reason to why he does anything, and just takes gleeful pleasure from bringing pain and suffering to others.

Do you agree with our picks?  Which characters would you put on the chart and where?  Let us know in the comments!

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