10 Awesome Horror Movies About Haunted House Attractions

One thing we can all agree on is that 2020 has been the absolute worst.  As the world slowly and cautiously reopens, many large gatherings are still being prohibited or canceled due to fear of attendance, and sadly this includes countless beloved haunted house attractions.

For many horror fans, these interactive haunts were a staple of the Halloween season, and October 2020 can’t help but feel incomplete without it.  However, pandemics and quarantines still can’t take away our streaming, so we can at least watch scary and fun horror movies that deal with these attractions, and surprisingly there are rather few.

So to pay tribute to these awesome haunted house attractions that we hopefully get to go back to next year, here are ten entertaining horror films about them that you can stream today:

Dark Ride (2006)
Deemed “too graphic” for a normal theatrical release, this incredibly violent and brutal slasher came out during the height of the “torture porn” era of the 2000’s.

Starring Jamie-Lynn Sigler of The Sopranos fame, this movie deals with a group of friends who travel to “Dark Ride”, an amusement park that’s also become the hiding place for an escaped murderer, and we can all assume what happens next!

It was somewhat divisive among fans.  Some saw it as a cheap collection of clichés trying to recapture the glory of 80’s slashers, and others just saw it as a violent, but fun gorefest that was so common in that era.

It wasn’t exactly made for Oscar gold, but if you’re just looking for some mindless and bloody fun, check it out!
(Currently streaming on Tubi)

The Houses October Built (2014)
Taking the found footage approach, this movie is likely to make you wonder about the behind the scenes of the next haunted house attraction you go to.  Unlike Dark Ride, it has virtually no gore, and instead relies more on tension and suspense, making the viewer feel like they’re really there.

It follows a group of friends who are stalked by a gang of killers at a haunted house attraction.  The found footage/POV nature does give it a more realistic feel, but if you’re not a fan of the style, this one may be difficult to get into.
(Currently streaming on Tubi)

The Funhouse Massacre (2015)
Opening the movie with Robert Englund is always a step in the right direction (also see Hatchet).  The Funhouse Massacre features a group of deranged killers who escape the asylum that held them, and seeking out a haunted house attraction based on their real life crimes.

They live out their glory days by unleashing death and horror upon unsuspecting guests who think it’s all just for show.  It leans very heavily into satirical and meta humor, which works for the most part.

One particular deputy character is hilarious and steals every scene that he’s in.  And the set design and visuals are really fun, perfect for getting you in the Halloween spirit
(Currently streaming on Tubi)

Hell House LLC (2015)
Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel (2018)
Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire (2019)
This trilogy isn’t quite found footage, rather it purports itself as a faux documentary, complete with interviews with witnesses and experts, and footage of “real life” news broadcasts.  The trilogy follows a haunted hotel called The Abaddon that was the site of murders during its hotel days, and was also host to a tragedy when “Hell House”, a Halloween themed haunt sprung up years later.

While the series does yield diminishing returns with each sequel, the original is legitimately terrifying and nightmare-inducing.  Aside from a few over the top moments, one could actually be led to believe that it’s a real documentary.
(Currently streaming on Shudder, the first film is also on Tubi)

Fear, Inc. (2016)
Some horror fans like to brag about what they would do and how they would survive in those situations and Fear, Inc. takes these claims and buts them to the test.

The film’s titular company provides a personalized haunt service, where the guests are fully immersed in seemingly deadly and terrifying situations with actors, all based around their favorite horror films.

It’s incredibly meta and self-aware, and while it does get a little too on the nose here and there, it’s still a lot of fun, particularly if you’re a fan of characters referencing your favorite movies.
(Currently streaming on Tubi)

Haunters: The Art of the Scare (2017)
Unlike Hell House, this actually is a documentary about the very people who put together home based haunts.  We meet a wide variety of people from all over whose only common thread is a passion for horror and scaring people.

We see the spectrum from traditional “fun” haunts in people’s yards to the extreme and controversial like Blackout and McKamey Manor, which seek to redefine what a haunt truly is.  We also see the unfortunate toll that it can on these haunters’ personal lives.

Having to devote so much time to their passion project can often come at the cost of family time.  And on a more personal note, being someone who has a family but also runs this very website as a passion project, it hit very close to home.
(Currently streaming on Tubi)

Hell Fest (2018)
In terms of spectacle and production/art design, Hell Fest really takes the cake (or the pumpkin in this case)!  It was shot a real life theme park haunt in Georgia and it really shows.

The story follows a group of friends just enjoying some Halloween season haunt fun, but a masked psychopath is murdering people in the park and hiding the dead bodies along with other decorations.

Its characters can be a little annoying at times, but the park itself is the true star of the movie.  Watching it really makes you want to go there, and perhaps this year it will make you miss haunted house attractions even more.  So it’ll make for a fun, albeit bittersweet watch this month.
(Currently streaming on Showtime)

Haunt (2019)
Plotwise, Haunt is similar to Funhouse Massacre and Hell Fest.  However, where those movies loud and flashy (so to speak), Haunt is quiet and suspenseful.

Because the attraction they’re in isn’t at all crowed (which was done for budgetary), it does add to the sense of atmosphere.  So while it’s not quite as fun as those other two movies, it is objectively scarier, which is very much the point of horror.
(Currently streaming on Shudder)

Which of these do you plan to watch this October?  What do you miss most about haunted house attractions, and what’s the first one you’re gonna go to next year?  Let us know in the comments!

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