How “Hubie Halloween” Became the Perfect Comfort Food Movie of 2020

If you haven’t been able to scroll through social media in the last week without seeing some sort of post about Hubie Halloween, you’re not alone.  Adam Sandler’s latest “Netflix Blockbuster” was just released on their platform on October 7th, and it’s quickly making its rounds.

While Netflix doesn’t typically release their ratings information, just from the social media trends alone, it’s quite clear that this release has gained much more popularity than the likes of The Ridiculous Six or Murder Mystery.

And if you think about it, it’s really not that surprising.  Now we’re not saying that Hubie Halloween is a good movie, but in many ways, it was the perfect comforting movie that everyone needed right now.

Return to Immature Form
Working again with director Steve Brill (Sandy Wexler, The Do-Over, Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky), it’s been a long time since we had a performance from Sandler that didn’t feel phoned in.

He became notorious in the 2010’s for making films that he didn’t put much effort into, and that were just excuses for him and his friends to go on vacation, paid for by the studio (see Grown Ups, Just Go With It, and Blended for evidence).

Now granted, his voice in Hubie Halloween can be very irritating, but it serves as a callback to The Waterboy, and reminds us of a simpler time.  And with all the stresses and anxieties that have plagued 2020 (quite literally), it was a comforting escape.

Sandler is back to playing a kindhearted outcast, who receives a lot of harsh and unjust bullying.

Seeing Adam Sandler do his goofy voice in a movie that was not outright terrible like Jack and Jill or Pixels, but at least passable, helped ease people’s minds.

We Really Needed Halloween
With the world somewhat returning to normal,  Halloween seems like that first holiday that will have the chance to be celebrated close to how we used to do it.

Granted, many haunted house attractions or closed and cities/townships are limiting or outright banning trick or treating, but Halloween is so much more than a day, it’s a state of mind (we should know, given the name of this website).

And the fact that Hubie Halloween was shot in Salem and exudes so much Halloween imagery and iconography serves as another comforting escape for audiences who are tired of unpleasant events all over the news.

It makes use of a lot of real life locations, including the Salem Witch Museum.

Not the Movie We Deserved, But the One We Needed
Again, let’s not mince words, Hubie Halloween is an okay film at best.  Sandler’s voice can be irritating, and it does lean heavily on jokes that are either immature, or just kind of flat and don’t elicit a laugh.

The story itself plays out like a PG-13 almost family friendly version of a Halloween or Friday the 13th slasher, with people disappearing in a small town and no one believing Hubie until it’s too late.

But it goes all out with its portrayal of Halloween, and includes a lot of recognizable SNL alumni, along with other Sandler regulars.  It’s not a movie that will change the world in any way, or even be that memorable.  But its combination of Sandler’s shtick with Halloween spirit has provided the perfect comfort food movie that audiences really needed at this point in 2020!

The cast is honestly better than the movie deserves.

What did you think of Hubie Halloween?  Let us know in the comment!

Hubie Halloween is streaming exclusively on Netflix

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