Recommendations from the Shudder Hotline – Halloween 2020 Edition

Unlike any other streaming service, Shudder continued its Halloween Hotline this week, with another hour window where fans could call and get personalized recommendations.

We’ve called the last four weeks and got some awesome movie picks, so we thought it would be fun to do it one last time this month, just in time for Halloween.  This week, we asked for the four best Halloween-themed movies to watch on Shudder!

Sam being the awesome curator that he is, wanted to give us the full spectrum of what makes Halloween great.  So his recommendations included a movie with trick or treating, Halloween partying, haunted house attractions, and some good old fashioned nostalgia!

Trick or Treating – Creepshow Episode 3: “All Hallow’s Eve”
Directed by John Harrison, Written by Bruce Jones

The first half of the third episode of Creepshow makes for the perfect appetizer next to these other movies.  It’s only 20+ minutes in length, but in that time, its imagery and setting really capture the spirit of Halloween night.

We see a group of friends trick or treating, and everything just seems normal, at first that is.  We’re slowly drawn into a dark tale that’s equally compelling and tragic.  If you’re going to be watching several horror movies on Halloween night, this is a great one to ease in with.

Halloween Partying – Ginger Snaps
Directed by John Fawcett, Written by Karen Walton

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Ginger Snaps remains one of the best werewolf movies ever made, while also capturing the perfect time capsule of the late 90’s. But what everyone often overlooks is that it’s also set during Halloween, and even features a Halloween party.

So not only do get a tense coming of age story with supernatural implications, but it also basks in all the Fall glory, complete with werewolf transformation effects that don’t top American Werewolf in London, but definitely are in the same league!

Haunted House Attraction – Hell House LLC
Written and Directed by Stephen Cognetti

Part found footage, part fake news documentary, Hell House LLC is just “unpolished” enough that it seems like it could be the real thing.  As we a follow a group of haunt actors in a hotel that’s actually haunted, we learn of their horrific fates before we ever meet them in the movie.

The result is a slow tension-build that has some legitimate scares because of how genuine everything seems.  If you’re already afraid of clowns, definitely watch this to give yourself nightmares!

Nostalgia – WNUF Halloween Special
Directed by Chris LaMartina, Written by Chris LaMartina, Jimmy George, Pat Storck, Michael Joseph Moran, and Carley Cooper (along with several other writers/directors for the commercial scenes)

Much like Hell House, this is a difficult to boil down to just one subgenre.  Living up to its name, the WNUF Halloween Special takes on the identity of a 1980’s news piece set on Halloween night.

We see two anchors going through all the normal headlines, and a field correspondent at an allegedly haunted house where things go terribly wrong.  However, where this “special” really shines is in its overwhelming commitment to 80’s nostalgia.

And not the manufactured kind like Stranger Things.  That series just aims for capturing the feeling of how we remember the 80’s, whereas WNUF Halloween Special quite literally takes you back in time with a slew of fake commercials from the era, as well as its VHS quality visuals.  There’s truly nothing quite like it!

Creepshow, Ginger Snaps, Hell House LLC, and WNUF Halloween Special are all streaming on Shudder, and you can watch them tonight!

Sadly this is it for the Shudder Hotline this month.  Sam will be back for more awesome recommendations in April for Halfway to Halloween month.  Until then, stay scared and everyone have safe, fun, and awesome Halloween!!!

We’ll be back just one more time this month with another set of awesome recommendations from Shudder curator himself, Sam Zimmerman.  Until then, stay scared and enjoy your October!

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