Ranking Every Krampus Movie [Video]

Serving as Santa’s evil counterpart, Krampus has a long history of punishing and taking away the misbehaving children.  Originating from German folklore, his cinematic appearances have surprisingly been very recent.  He didn’t get his own movies until the 2010’s, but there have been plenty.

So in honor of Krampusnacht (which is night of December 5th, due to the Feast of St. Nicholas being December 6th), we thought it would be fun to rank every Krampus horror movie over on our YouTube channel.  Check out the video below!

Ranking Every Krampus Movie – YouTube

Which Krampus movie is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments. And for more rankings, reviews, lists, and other fun horror content, follow Halloween Year-Round on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube!


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