“Joe Bob Put a Spell On You” Movie Predictions

Shudder’s helping horror fans get off to a good 2021 by announcing yet another Last Drive In special to tide us over until the third season begins.  On Friday, February 12th at 9pm ET, we’ll all be treated to “Joe Bob Put a Spell on You”, a Valentine’s Day themed special that promises to deliver a blend of horror and romance.

So in the spirit of anticipation and fandom, we thought it would be fun to try to predict which romantic horror movies from Shudder’s “Love Sick” collection they might go with.

(This is just assuming they go with movies already on the service, which they don’t always do.  It could very well be two movies new to Shudder)

Audition – Very Unlikely
While this brutally gory Takashi Miike classic is an early entry in the “torture porn” subgenre, it’s not really a romantic horror film, so to speak.  Sure the main character is trying to audition an actress, while secretly looking for a wife.  But at no point is it ever romantic in any way.  He begins as a bit of a creep, but ends up the dismembered victim of someone far more dangerous.

Black Sunday – Somewhat Unlikely
This Mario Bava classic is certainly a gem in its own right, and it very loosely fits the romantic angle.  However, it’s honestly unlikely that The Last Drive In would feature anything pre-1968, just given the slower pace films were styled back then.  It’s unfair that this would be a factor, but sadly (much like foreign language films), there are some fans who won’t like it simply for being black and white and being slow.

Double Lover – Very Unlikely
Less horror, and more French erotic thriller, Double Lover is hot and heavy, with plenty of steamy scenes.  However it’s not really a horror film and thus wouldn’t really fit with The Last Drive In tone.

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants – Somewhat Likely
Definitely not romantic in the “traditional” sense, Dogs Don’t Wear Pants follows a widower who delves deep down a rabbit hole of BDSM, when he meets and becomes enthralled with a dominatrix.  It masterfully blends dark humor, shock value, and genuine emotion.  Perhaps it’s too intense for the casual viewer.  But the Mutant Fam is accustomed to things too crazy for average fans!

Ganja & Hess – Very Likely
This 70’s classic is a staple of 70’s Blaxploitation horror and remains a cult classic.  It features a great performance by Night of the Living Dead’s Duane Jones.  And while the romantic angle is the primary focus, it does feature the magic and witchcraft that the special has promised.

Lizzie – Somewhat Unlikely
The “romance” in this historical drama is really more of a friendship forged by shared abuse at the hands of Mr. Borden.  It boats spectacular performances from both Chloë Sevigny and Kristin Stewart, but it doesn’t quite fit the witchcraft theme, nor is it a “fun” movie.  It’s brilliantly made, just more dramatic, and downright depressing.

The Love Witch – Very Likely
This bizarrely unique and fun exploration into witchcraft, magic, love, and sex would be the perfect movie for Joe Bob and Darcy to discuss and present.

It’s visually creative, with a really cool vintage feel that almost tricks you into thinking it was made in the 60’s.  Not quite horror, not quite romance, it’s very difficult to pin this movie down to just one genre, but it’s entertaining and quite unforgettable.

Nina Forever – Somewhat Likely
Sort of the perfect horror romantic comedy, Nina Forever explores the baggage of one’s ex, but with a supernatural spin.  It’s funny, sweet, and while not outright scary, does get pretty gory and unsettling with some of its imagery.  And it’s the exact sort of thing that would be perfect for The Last Drive In.

The Siren – Somewhat Likely
This is a quiet and concise dark fantasy that involves seclusion, surrealism, and good of fashioned monster horror.  Sort of an inverted and more subtle version of The Shape of Water.  Featuring only three actors, it does a lot with only a little, and it would be fun to see a Last Drive In take on it.

Spring – Somewhat Likely
Starting as a slow burn romantic drama, Spring takes an interesting an unexpected turn into sci-fi monster horror.  It’s clever, imaginative, and features some beautiful cinematography of the Italian coast.  It would make for an interesting watch and discussion by Joe Bob and Darcy.

Which of those movies would you like to see on The Last Drive In?  Which ones do you predict will be shown for the upcoming special?  Let us know in the comments!

“Joe Bob Put a Spell on You” airs on Shudder TV on February 12, 2021 at 9pm ET, and will be available on demand February 14.

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