Servant: “Spaceman” Review

Still reeling from the disappearance of both Leanne and baby “Jericho”, Dorothy, Sean, and Julian all move past the initial shock and each try to do something about it, with varying degrees of success and skill.

(Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned!!!)

4 Days Lost
After encountering Leanne on the night of the baptism party, Roscoe finally awakens in his car, disoriented, incredibly hungry, and still believing it’s just the next morning.  Sean and Julian are eager to find out everything he knows and where he’s been.

Between his insatiable hunger, and belief that it’s still Monday, they realize he’s blacked out the last few days.  To be expected, Roscoe’s freaked out and wants to go home, where we get a hilarious moment of Julian trying to threaten him with a corkscrew to staying and finding out what happened.

Using hypnosis (much to Julian’s skeptical dismay), Roscoe gets downright creepy and almost terrifying as he reveals what happened.  We still don’t find out that much, but clearly the religious cult is capable of very dark and despicable things, whether they’re supernatural or not.

Who wouldn’t be extremely unsettled at finding out they just lost the last few days?

A Plea for Help
Done wallowing in grief and depression, Dorothy decides to act by answering a call to fill in for the co-anchor on the evening news.  Using her platform, she thinks that she send a message to Leanne, while also getting some “mommy time” with Jericho, and it’s about as hilariously awkward as you’d expected.

She reads the news in a quiet soothing voice that seems to confuse her co-anchor.  However, she ends her incredibly bizarre broadcast with a stroke of legitimate brilliance by putting Leanne’s picture on air and telling everyone that she’s missing.

Knowing the irregular circumstances of, well everything, Dorothy knows she can’t bring attention or call out Jericho, but she can do so for Leanne.  And bringing attention to her might help weed her out if someone spots her.

Dorothy is definitely eccentric, but underneath that she can be quite tactful and brilliant.

Servant often tows a line between awkwardly tense and awkwardly funny, but “Spaceman” blended in a really interesting and creative way.  It’s honestly hard to determine which was more uncomfortably compelling to watch, Roscoe’s hypnosis or Dorothy’s newscast.

That said, we’re only two episodes in and we still haven’t seen much movement or anything happening outside the house.  During the first season, it was fin to contain everything there as Leanne was the source of mystery, and we were primarily following her.

But now that the mysterious element is outside, the series may need to branch out of its primary setting in order to keep the narrative growing.  Or bring it back to the house, but that just seems repetitive.

There’s only so long a mystery can go, and unless all is revealed by the end of Season 2, it will be difficult for the series to continue in an interesting and compelling manner.  But in the meantime, we can enjoy cringe-laughing at Dorothy’s newscast.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  What do you hope to see next week?  Let us know in the comments!

Servant is streaming exclusively on Apple TV+

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