Servant: “Pizza” Review

In an episode aptly titled “Pizza”, Servant reaches its most absurd, as well as its most brilliant, at least in terms of Dorothy’s character.  Her range is on full display here as she goes from vulnerable, to clever, to tactical, to downright terrifying.

(Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned)

Cheesus Crust
No, you didn’t read that wrong.  After putting the word out on air about Leanne missing, Sean and Dorothy receive a slew of tips from the public, most of them leading nowhere.  However, there is one large house in particular they become suspicious of, especially after seeing a grocery delivery truck come and go.

In a crazy, but somewhat genius move, they create a fake menu for a fake restaurant, hilariously/blasphemously called “Cheesus Crust”, which they distribute take out menus to this house and the neighborhood.  Eventually an order does come from the house, and Tobe is sent to deliver the pizza and do reconnaissance.

All the while, the episode cuts between Dorothy in the final month of pregnancy and forced on bedrest.  Usually full of energy, it’s a rather difficult adjustment.  And while it does help to show how frustrated her character gets when she feels like she can’t do anything, it’s not anything we didn’t already know about her and honestly you just want to see more of the pizza plot.

It’s a subplot that probably would have worked better in Season 1.

As Tobe delivers the pizza, he finds a young boys soccer team, and a mother who’s bedridden and appears to be fighting cancer.  True to the tip they received, he does find Leanne and the mystery of where she’s been is finally solved.  She’s by herself without Jericho, or her aunt and uncle, and is just working for this other family.

Leanne orders another pizza just to talk to Tobe.  She is completely unaware that he’s been sent by Dorothy and Sean, and she even begs him not to tell them where she is.  However, after eating the pizza she collapses, having been drugged by Dorothy.

Mama Bear Dorothy
We’ve seen Dorothy through a whole host of emotions and moods.  But this episode was the very first time we saw her as something of an evil genius, willing to go full Machiavellian in getting what she wants.

It’s scary how cold and calculated she becomes.

As Tobe panics while Leanne passes out, Dorothy coldly tells him that calling 911 would be a bad idea.  Leanne’s been drugged and since Tobe brought it, he would go down for it.  At least that’s what she tells him would happen.

It’s an absolutely bold moment for Dorothy, but not really surprising when you look at the last few episodes.  She’s been frantically trying to find Jericho and getting nowhere.  She always had issues with things like boundaries and could often be a bit temperamental.  Take a person like that, put them through the ringer, and it’s no shock that they come out brutal and remorseless.

Between her public callout of Leanne last week and this move here, Dorothy’s really on a roll.  However, it’s a bit unsettling to think about how far this could take her.

Kidnapping is new territory for her, as well as the series.  The first season famously took its time and let everything develop naturally.  This season seems to be moving at a faster pace, and hopefully that continues next week.

The biggest cliffhanger is whether or not they’ll continue their fake pizza business.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  What do you hope to see next week?  Let us know in the comments!

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