Servant: “2:00” Review

Last week’s episode, “Pizza” was fun and lighthearted with Sean and Dorothy creating a fake pizza restaurant to try and infiltrate a house they believed Leanna might be in.

However it ended with on an absolutely dark and creepy note as Dorothy proved just how far she’s willing to go, and that continues in “2:00”.  This latest episode is without a doubt the most disturbing this series has done thus far, and in many ways, it’s the most intriguing.

(Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned)

Fraud to Kidnapping
We’ve seen Sean and Dorothy commit basic fraud with their “pizza shop” and even go so far as stalking, but keeping Leanne prisoner in the attic is probably liable to get them both hefty sentences for kidnapping and/or false imprisonment.

Leanne remains resilient as ever during her captivity.

And while Dorothy is definitely the aggressor, and the one who initiated the plan without telling Sean, he’s just as culpable as an accomplice.  He even says to her that he worries they’re crossing a line, but keeping a young woman hostage is definitely crossing said line.

Nightly at 2:00am, Dorothy goes up into attic in a rage, attacking Leanne.  And during the day while Dorothy is working, Sean goes up there and bonds with her, trying to get her to understand that Dorothy really means well, and it’s a truly bad person.  But the more he says it, the less he seems to believe it.

There’s always been a disconnect between the two of them, but it’s getting worse.

Kidnapping to Attempted Murder
Things escalate one night when Leanne ambushes Dorothy at 2:00am and attempts to escape.  The plan fails and Dorothy winds up bashing Leanne in the head, and burying her in fresh mud in the basement.

Dorothy is the scariest she’s ever been!

Sean wakes up just in time to save Leanne from suffocating in the dirt, finally proclaiming that they’ve gone too far.  However, he still leads the 18 year old prisoner back up to attic afterwards, so he hasn’t really stopped being an accessory.

Victim to Villain
Ever since Season 1, Dorothy has been seen by everyone around is too fragile to know the truth about Jericho, and too innocent to be involved in Sean and Julian’s spying on Leanne via their P.I. Roscoe.

However, between last week and this one, we’ve seen Dorothy make a genuinely terrifying transformation into someone capable of murdering in cold blood.  Sure there’s the mama bear instinct, but she’s gone further with a cold and calculated plan to kidnap Leanne, blend with a savagery in interrogating her.

Even Sean seems to be afraid of her.  Perhaps the reason he’s not freeing Leanne has less to do with him being on board with this, and more to do with his fear of going against Dorothy.

There may not be any going back for her after all this.

The entire episode plays out like a brilliant one act play, with Dorothy as an unhinged villain, Sean as an unwilling accomplice, and Leanne still maintaining her dignity and the upper hand, no matter how desperate things get.

There’s only so long this can continue before the family Leanne works for gets the police involved with looking for her (which they may already be doing).  The whole turn of events is leading down a dark path from which there may be no return.

The dynamic of Sean and Dorothy’s marriage may never be the same, even if they get “Jericho” back.

What did you think of “2:00”?  What do you hope to see next week on Servant?  Let us know in the comments!

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