Servant: “Espresso” Review

What’s weirder than Sean, Dorothy, and Julian holding an 18 year old hostage in the attic?  It turns out throwing Leanne’s Uncle George into the mix makes things far stranger than we could have possibly imagined…

(Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned)

Sean’s New Toy
Opening with a flashback shortly after Jericho was born, we see Sean opening up and putting together the giant espresso maker that we’ve seen in their kitchen.  We also see Sean getting the call to be a judge on the cooking show, which he takes because he believes that with the espresso machine, it will help Dorothy be by herself with Jericho.

However, as we recall from the first season, it’s while he’s away on this trip that tragedy befalls their infant son, and everything falls into motion.  It gives us a little more insight and background into why Sean doesn’t blame Dorothy for what happened.  He feels like he abandoned her to go live out this amazing professional opportunity.

As we’ve seen, Dorothy doesn’t do well by herself.

Sean and Dorothy’s New Guest
Following last week’s cliffhanger, George bursts into the Turner house demanding to know where Leanne is.  Julian attempts to intimidate him in a legitimately hilarious manner (he even mentions how the three fistfights he’s ever had in his life were because of Dorothy as well).

However, there’s no need for violence as George is much less a physical threat than he is a psychological one.  Between his constant Bible quoting and overall odd behavior, he’s incredibly unpredictable, and thus makes everyone around him uncomfortable.

Boris McGiver absolutely kills it as Uncle George. He comes across as creepy, but it genuinely seems like he believes in what he’s doing.

At first, he seems threatening to the Turners, but upon discovering they’ve held Leanne captive for a week, he immediately becomes terrified for them and prays on their behalf.  George details how Leanne is disobedient and dangerous, and even hints at his religious group being supernatural in nature.

This series has always kept the “otherworldly” aspects on the fringe, just enough that it feels realistic.  And while this is the furthest it’s ever gone, Leanne could also be a master manipulator who merely kidnapped another baby when the new Jericho suddenly appeared in the first season.

George goes so far as to say the house itself is cursed, and it’s hard not to agree with him.  But it begs the question, was the house cursed because of the awful mistake Dorothy made with the original baby Jericho, or did it become cursed the second they invited Leanne to live there?

Leanne manages to convince Sean to let her go, but just as they’re getting out the door, they see on the news that there’s been a shooting at the house Leanne was working at, with the implication that it was the result of Leanne not being there.

Leanne does seem disturbed by the event, so perhaps she was preventing it from happening?

What did you think this episode?  What do you hope to see next week?  Let us know in the comments!

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