“Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!” – The Worst Easter Movie You’ve Never Heard Of

Despite being a major holiday, Easter doesn’t get a whole lot of attention in the horror movie department.

Even Thanksgiving gets the weird killer turkey movie Thankskilling, but Easter has very little going for it.  So in the interest of holiday horror, I tried to seek out whatever Easter horror existed and found Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! streaming free on Tubi.

And for a movie with almost no budget released in 2006 (it turns 15 this year), it’s exactly as bad as you’d expect.  But the question remains: is it so bad is good, or just plain bad?

(Spoilers Ahead – But Honestly Who Cares?)

Worst Villain Ever?
The movie opens with an armed robber at a convenience store wearing an Easter Bunny mask as he shoots and kills the clerk.  The robber (named Remington) attempts to lay low in the subsequent police investigation by charming up a single mother, Mindy and her intellectually disabled son Nicholas.

The acting is passable at best. And Nicholas’ portrayal of someone with an intellectual disability is so campy that it borders on downright offensive.

Immediately, Remington is an absolute monster to the teenage boy, frequently calling him the “R word” (which unfortunately was more common in 2006, but it’s said an uncomfortable amount of times in the movie).  He taunts Nicholas when his mother’s not around and makes fun him for loving Easter (which is actually the day that his father died).

In order to look good for Mindy, Remington gets the boy a pet rabbit for Easter but in private threatens to kill it if Nicholas tells his mom about any of the verbal abuse.

On Easter night, as Mindy has to work a long overnight shift, Remington is supposed to watch Nicholas, but ends up soliciting a pedophile to come over and have his way with him, while hiring two sex workers for himself.

He’s pretty much the most despicable person ever. But what makes him more infuriating is that sadly there really are people like him that mistreat others.

Like I said, this movie is pretty messed up and disturbing, and in very uncomfortable ways.  But the last half hour is much better than first hour.

Best Villain Ever?
Just when Remington thinks he’ll get away with everything, the movie finally delivers on its promise and gives us an Easter Bunny dressed slasher who kills everyone in the house.  The kills are decent enough with low budget gore that’s practically done.

It’s just frustrating that for a slasher movie called Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!, there’s very little Easter Bunny and very little killing.

The most interesting part are the several twist reveals.  We’re led to believe that Nicholas is the killer, but at the end we see it’s actually Mindy, who apparently has heard every abusive word that Remington said.

She then reveals that she killed his father years ago for being just as abusive, but then he shows up again in the last 5 minutes, which they just casually accept.  And if all these plot points sound like something out of a weird soap opera, it’s because they very much do.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with super low budget horror, in fact sometimes it can be used to a film’s advantage.  However, there’s also times where micro-budget movies feel like they started filming with just the first draft of the script, and everyone from actors to crew were pulled from whomever happened to be able to do the job, and this movie is very much the latter.

This is also evident in the costumes as Mindy’s nurse uniform definitely looks like it’s a “Sexy Nurse” costume they bought at a Halloween store.

There are a few moments of genuine absurdity that get a laugh, but for most of the movie, it’s just Remington insulting Nicholas in a really mean-spirited way.  Granted it’s meant to build up to his ultimate comeuppance at the end via Easter Bunny killer, but it’s still unpleasant and uncomfortable to sit through for an hour.

The only part that gets kind of fun and interesting is when the actual slasher movie begins, but that’s not until the end and only lasts for about 15 minutes at best.  Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! certainly had potential with an absurd title and plot, but it’s not quite absurd enough to be entertaining.

So the result is a movie that I’ve watched once and will have zero desire to watch again. If you’re a filmmaker out there, this is my plea: make a good Easter horror movie!

It’s streaming on Tubi for free if you really wanna see it for yourself…

What’s your go to horror movie for Easter?  Let us know in the comments!

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