10 Fun Facts About Scream 4

The original Scream not only perfectly satirized the slasher subgenre, but it revolutionized it entirely and led to a new meta wave in horror.  Scream 2 and Scream 3 were inevitable given the franchise’s success, and even manage to lampoon the very idea of sequels in horror.

But by far the most interesting sequel is Scream 4.  Released a full decade after the previous installment, Scream 4 was the series’ answer to the age of remakes, as well as the series’ own critique on the original film.

So in honor of its 10th anniversary today (and with Scream 5 due out in a year), we thought it would be fun to look at 10 fun facts about Scream 4!

1. Remains the last movie that Wes Craven ever directed. He sadly passed away 4 years later in 2015.

The Weinstein Company And Dimension Films American Film Market Cocktail Party
RIP the Legend: 1939-2015

2. In an early version of the script, Dewey and Gail had a baby, but this idea was scrapped because the producers felt that trying to film with a baby would have been nearly impossible.

3. Kevin Williamson returned to write the script, after being unable to do so for Scream 3 (scheduling conflicts). But he apparently became quite frustrated and upset with the studio, specifically the (now disgraced) Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob, when they hired Ehren Kruger (screenwriter of Scream 3) to rewrite the script.  According to Wes Craven, Williamson’s script is mostly what was used for the final film, with only a few minor edits by Kruger.

4. While they reportedly remained professional on set, David Arquette and Courteney Cox were in the early stages of divorce. They officially filed for separation only a month after principal photography ended, and were legally divorced a year a half later.

Scream 4 - 2011
It’s a bit sad, considering their real life romance echoed that of their characters and they were together for over a decade (which is a very long time for Hollywood marriages).

5. Emma Roberts admitted that she was terrified of horror movies, but wanted to do something other than kid’s movies/shows, so she lobbied for the part of Jill.

6. Most of the stab wounds from Ghostface were done using a CGI knife, which Craven preferred or rubber or collapsible knives, feeling they looked too fake.

7. Kirby’s (Hayden Panetteire) was ultimately unknown at the end. The script stated that she survived, but the scene showing this was cut.  Perhaps she’ll make a surprise appearance in Scream 5.

Scream 7
She’s a great character, who’s a stand in for audience members who know everything about horror. So it would be cool to see her again.

8. Was nominated Choice Horror Movie at the Teen Choice Awards, but lost to Paranormal Activity 2.

9. Remains the lowest grossing movie of the franchise, with only $97 million (which was still a profit since the budget was $40 million).

10. Was initially intended to be the end of the franchise, however another sequel is due out in 2022. (Plus the unrelated spinoff, Scream the TV series in 2015).

Scream 10
If it weren’t being developed by the same people who made Ready or Not, it would be cause for greater concern.

Which of these did you already know?  Which ones surprised you?  Let us know in the comments!

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