Netflix Casts Jenna Ortega as “Wednesday” in Upcoming Tim Burton Series

The internet was rife with anticipation and excitement when Netflix announced that Tim Burton would be producing/directing a new Addams Family series titled, Wednesday.  Based on what we’ve heard thus far, it deals with the titular Addams at a boarding school.  Other than, not much is known plotwise, but Tim Burton will definitely lend his unique style to a franchise that it’s honestly surprising he’s never been involved with before.

Finding Their Lead
So the internet was set ablaze again earlier today when Netflix released a photo on Twitter of actress Jenna Ortega holding a script, featuring the caption: “Happy Wednesday, Jenna Ortega will play the iconic Wednesday Addams in our upcoming live-action Wednesday series.”
Screen-Shot-2021-05-19-at-10.31.23-AMNo stranger to Netflix originals, the 18 year old Ortega has already appeared in The Babysitter: Killer Queen and Season 2 of You, as well as a voiceover role on Elena of Avalor.  Despite her young age, she’s a talented performer, as evidenced by the aforementioned Netflix originals.

Given the overall lukewarm response to the 2019 animated Addams Family movie, there’s a lot riding on this series to be successful.  The same goes for Burton as well who, while still revered, hasn’t exactly released many critically or audience acclaimed movies in the last decade.

Going from theatrically released movies to a Netflix original seemed like a step down to some, but it will hopefully give him the creative space and freedom to go all out and make something truly unique and special.

The Next Christina Ricci?
There’s no denying that Ricci absolutely killed that role when she was just a child and it’s inevitable that anyone else who takes it will be compared to her.  That said, Ortega has a much longer resume than Ricci did when she was cast for the 1991 film.
Tim-Burton-Addams-Family-Wednesday-Netflix-minThere have even been whispers and hopeful rumors that Ricci will be cast as Morticia.  Along with other Burton regular like Eva Green and Helena Bonham Carter (who’s now his ex) have also been rumored to be on the shortlist.

Either way, Jenna Ortega has big shoes to fill, and if all goes well, this could very easily lead to more roles for her.  We’ve already seen her display a great deal of wit and sarcasm in her previous roles, and if she can master the deadpan morbidity that that Wednesday Addams is known for!MV5BZWY3YmNkNjAtY2M4Zi00YjY5LWI4ZDktMGJkNGQ2NzY4ZDZiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzEwODIxNzE@._V1_This is only the second major development, following the announcement of the series itself.  Filming has yet to begin, so we probably won’t see it until sometime in 2022 or possibly 2023.

What do you think of this casting decision?  What do you hope to see from this series?  Let us know in the comments!

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