Netflix Releases Teaser For R.L. Stine Trilogy “Fear Street” – Coming July 2021

This July, Netflix promises to deliver a three part event unlike any other.  Based on the R.L. Stine’s books series of the same name, Fear Street deals with a curse that stretches over centuries, and over three different movies set in three different time periods.

Three Weeks of Horror
Fear Street 3
Part One (1994) – Premiering July 2, 2021
The residents of Shadyside, Ohio reel from a murder in town and believe it may be cursed.

Part Two (1978) – Premiering July 9, 2021
Two rival groups of camp counselors compete at a killer summer camp.

Part Three (1666) – Premiering July 16, 2021
In Colonial America, a witch hunt fervor deals with the origins of a curse.

The trailer itself (which just dropped today) features a voiceover narration from various characters that makes it look like while each part will be its own movie, the three are linked together by a repeating curse that causes disaster to happen every so many years.  For those familiar with Stephen King’s It, it does sound rather reminiscent, but it will be fascinating to see this trilogy toy with different horror subgenres.

Darker Take
One huge distinction this adaptation has from other R.L. Stine works was revealed by the author himself.  He stated that “while the books are PG, the movie will be R”, suggesting it will feature more graphic violence than we’re used to from Goosebumps.

It’s in interesting shift that’s not all that surprising, considering many of Stine’s fans who grew up on his “Goosebumps” series are fully grown adults now and want something darker.  Netflix is wisely sidestepping the label of “kids horror” and just going all out.

Honestly, it will probably be PG-13 level with maybe a few “f-bombs” thrown in and some blood and gore here and there so as not alienate younger fans entirely.

Fear Street 1
Even without a lot of excessive gore/nudity/language, R.L. Stine knows how to be

Release Schedule
Much to the dismay of some fans who prefer binge watching, Fear Street is obviously being released one week at time, which I honestly think will work out for the better. For years, Netflix has led the way in encouraging binge watching by releasing entire seasons of TV series all at the exact same time.

And while this satisfies the impatient, it kind of ruins the experience.  Part of what made a series like WandaVision so much fun was for fans to be able to theorize and discuss week after week.  With Fear Street coming out over three different dates, it gives viewers a chance to breathe in between each part.

Watching an entire season in one day makes it all blur together and your eyes and brain are usually tired by the time you get to the end.  When a whole series (or trilogy) comes out at once, you almost have to watch it all right then and there or risk getting it spoiled by going on the internet.

So if this does well and fans have fun theorizing on social media, it might lead to Netflix using this model for more releases.  But only time will tell on that!

Fear Street 0
Watch the full teaser trailer here!

Which installment of Fear Street are you most excited for?  What are some of your other favorite R.L. Stine adaptations?  Let us know in the comments!

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