The Absurd Hilarity of “PG: Psycho Goreman”

What has the absurdity of a Troma film, the costumes of a Power Rangers movie, and a nihilistic sense of humor that would make Friedrich Nietzsche cringe?  The answer is Shudder’s latest exclusive movie, Psycho Goreman!

Best Friends Forever
In the spirit of E.T. (and it’s ripoff Mac and Me), Psycho Goreman deals with the adorable and inseparable bond between a child and an extra-terrestrial lost on planet Earth.

The movie begins with a dramatic narration about some unnamed terror that destroyed worlds and has now been imprisoned.  You’d be mistaken for thinking that the movie that follows will be a serious sci-fi adventure.

PG 4
We do get an entire alien political subplot.

Instead we go to Earth, where a young girl named Mimi finds an amulet that gives her control over the unnamed warlord, whom she affectionately names “Psycho Goreman”, or PG for short.  PG’s physical appearance is achieved with some amazing practical makeup effects, and all he wants to talk about are the worlds he’s destroyed.

His greater galactic conflict winds up spilling onto Earth, where Mimi and her family get involved in this battle for the planet itself.  All the while, Mimi shows PG around town getting ice cream, walking dogs, going shopping, and just having all kinds of fun.

PG 6
It’s also kind of hilarious how PG is walking around town and no one really seems to notice or care that there’s a monster.

Out of this World
Right off the bat, Psycho Goreman makes it clear that this is not a film you’re meant to take seriously, and it kind of owns it.  Initially it’s a bit jarring to see such different tones with the gruesome space violence blended with the more comedic and wholesome moments of Mimi bonding with PG.  But it’s that juxtaposition where the movie’s sense of humor comes from.

It relies on that subversion, knowing that we expect PG to become more wholesome and loving (which he totally doesn’t).  If anything, he makes Mimi more ferocious than she already was by giving her a taste of battle and bringing out the fierce warrior in her.

PG 7
Mimi would definitely do well helping PG devour worlds.

Admittedly, its humor may be off putting to some viewers, especially those who want the tone to be more wholesome overall.  Nihilists are certainly more likely to find it funny (guilty as charged), but honestly anyone who appreciates a dark sense of humor will enjoy it.

Stellar Visuals
As previously mentioned, one of the highlights of Psycho Goreman is its creative and unique visual style; one that permeates every aspect.  This includes practical makeup, practical gore, elaborate costumes, and rich production design that helps with world-building.

PG q
The makeup took so long to apply that no one recognized actor Matthew Ninaber without it, and someone even called security on him one day.

There’s very few digital effects, and the ones are use are blended seamlessly with practical effects.  The overall result is a movie that both has an absurd nihilistic sense of humor, but also a visual style that helps it stand apart.

If you’re expecting something straightforward that takes itself seriously, Psycho Goreman definitely isn’t for you.  But if you have a demented sense of humor and you like things that are really out there, then it’s right up your galaxy!

PG 3
PG has a great way of stealing people’s hearts!

What did you think of Psycho Goreman?  What are some of your other favorite absurdly awesome movies?  Let us know in the comments!

Psycho Goreman is streaming exclusively on Shudder

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