Focus Releases Full Trailer for Edgar Wright’s “Last Night in Soho”

Like so many other movies that got several delays in 2020, Edgar Wright’s latest psychological horror movie Last Night in Soho is finally coming out later this year.  In preparation, Focus Features just released its first full trailer!

60s Mood
Following in the footsteps and Lost and 2019’s Escape Room, the Last Night in Soho trailer gives us one more reason to be creeped out by Petula Clark’s “Downtown”.  We’re treated to a slower paced, creepy cover of the song that sounds like it’s being performed by Anya Taylor Joy herself.

Soho 2
Between The Witch, Split, and New Mutants, Anya Taylor-Joy has more than earned her horror creds!

From the minimal footage revealed, we can tell that Thomasin McKenzie’s character is somehow occupying Anya Taylor-Joy’s character’s physical appearance via some sort of time travel to the 1960’s.  Not much else is known plotwise, but where this trailer really shines is in its beautiful art direction and vintage 1960’s style.

Returning to Horror
Between the Cornetto trilogy and Baby Driver, Wright has certainly demonstrated his immense talent as a visual filmmaker, and it’s very much on display here.  Given that his career took off after the success of Shaun of the Dead, it’s not Wright’s first foray into horror.

It does seem like it’s his first time doing a more dramatic, tense horror.  But much like comedy, both genres require flawless pacing to be pulled off just right.  Either way, Wright has the talent to back it up, and with a cast that includes Diana Rigg in her final film role, it’s sure to a memorable and visually stunning movie!

Soho 1
Check out the full trailer here!

Last Night is Soho releases in theaters October 22, 2021

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