Shudder Announces New Installment in V/H/S Series “V/H/S/94”

Released in 2012, 2013, and 2014 respectively, the V/H/S franchise gave horror fans short vignettes of truly disturbing material and content, and fans have been hungry for more for 7 years.

The cult anthology series is finally getting its fourth installment V/H/S/94 and it’s being produced and released as a Shudder original.

New Home at Shudder
According to Shudder, the new film will deal feature a police raid discovering a VHS tape which contains all the horrific things fans of the series have come to expect.  There was always something very sinister, brutal, and quite voyeuristic about this series, and this new installment feels like it will fit right at home.

Shudder GM, Craig Engler had this to say: “With V/H/S/94, the producers have upped t heir game-bigger, wilder, scarier than ever before.  We can’t wait to unleash this new installment on Shudder members.”

Between their iconic Creepshow and The Last Drive In original series, Shudder is no stranger to breathing new life (or shall we say “death”) into franchises/series to keep them running and attracting new fans.

Behind the Camera
The team of producers includes David Bruckner (Hellraiser), Radio Silence (Ready or Not), as well as co-creators of the V/H/S franchise Brad Miska (co-founder of Bloody Disgusting) and Kurtis Harder (Spiral).

Producer Josh Goldbloom (Empathy, Inc.) also had this to say:
“We shot the film entirely during the pandemic, building sets in hotels, conference rooms, and in the spirit of the series punk rock roots we even ventured underground into a sewer. Our team channeled the misery of this past year appropriately, so rest assured it’s the biggest, baddest, and most bloodthirsty batch of tapes yet.”

The pandemic definitely had a collective effect on all of society, but strangely enough horror always seems to thrive during difficult times.  As if the genre is a way for fans to cope with real life horror and trauma.

If it’s anything like 2020’s Host, which was also inspired by the pandemic and produced by Shudder, we will all be in for a treat!

What do you think of the V/H/S series?  What do you hope to see in this new installment?  Let us know in the comments!

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