John Jarratt Returning as Mick Taylor for “Wolf Creek 3”

The infamous movie slasher Mick Taylor will be returning with Wolf Creek 3, set to start production in Australia in late 2021 (according to Variety).  This will mark the fourth time actor John Jarratt has played the role, following two films and one TV series.

The 69 year old, Australian actor is best known for the Wolf Creek franchise, and he’s quickly joining the ranks of Victor Crowley and Leslie Vernon as a modern slasher icon.  There’s a sinister glee to the way that Jarratt plays the maniacal killer Mick Taylor (who’s loosely based on a real murderer), and the series wouldn’t be what it is without him.

WC 1
He’s a legend in his own right!

Plotwise, it’s been reported that this third entry will deal with an American family vacationing in the Australian outback, and they’re children get lost and are pursued by the homicidal Taylor.  And while that sounds not too different from the first two films (or the series), by this point, fans are just fascinated and enthralled with Mick Taylor and want to see him brutally murder more people.

Series creator Greg McLean is slated to produce, having directed both previous movies, and a few episodes of the TV series.  In the director’s chair will be Rachele Wiggins, making her feature directorial debut, having directed an episode of Shudder’s Deadhouse Dark, as well as Art Department for Alien: Covenant.

WC 2
It’s sort of become The Hills Have Eyes of Australia…

Having been 4 years since the last episode aired, and 16 years since the franchise started, it’ll certainly be a lot of fun to get more material from Wolf Creek!

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One thought on “John Jarratt Returning as Mick Taylor for “Wolf Creek 3”

  1. Absolutely can’t wait til it comes to a home viewing (aka free on my tv). I was definitely horrified with the original WC. And the majority of that was the acting of Jarratt.
    When you say, “the series wouldn’t be what it is without him.” 110% true.


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