Joe Bob Briggs Announces 4th Season of “The Last Drive In”

The entire Mutant Fam can rejoice!  In a tweet on Thursday, 6/24/2021, Joe Bob Briggs let the world know “Season 4 of #TheLastDriveIn was announced this morning by Shudder—they’re gonna set us loose to ruin some more holidays and weekends!”

Joe Bob 1
The tweet that launch a thousand likes from horror fans!

While we’ll probably have to wait until April 2022 for the fourth season to begin, that comment he made about holidays means we’ll be getting holiday specials.  Over the past few years, he’s done ones for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  And while the Halloween and Christmas ones are usually a given, it would be interesting a fun to see one for something like the 4th of July, New Year’s, or even Easter.

Bringing Fans Together
Since hosting a 24 hour marathon back in 2018, famed drive in critic, Joe Bob Briggs has hosted The Last Drive In on Shudder, bringing fans together from all over to join in the last true communal watching experience.

While the world remained in quarantine over the last 2 seasons, having something to look forward to Friday nights certainly helped a lot of people (myself included) get through the trying times.

It’s amazing to look back at that original marathon and the series and fanbase that it’s spawned.  Joe Bob has been hosting similar series going all the way back to Monstervision in the 80’s.  However with streaming on Shudder and internet culture being what it is, he’s grown into more of an icon.

But of course, the series wouldn’t be what it is without Darcy the Mail Girl (aka Diana Prince), who by this point is less of a sidekick and should be considered more of a co-host.  She and Joe Bob have a chemistry and fun banter that exceeds any of his previous series.

Joe Bob 2
One of Darcy’s many impressive cosplays…

And with the amount of fan engagement she does online, it’s easy to see why the series remains so popular.  Plus her endless supply of amazing cosplays are always a lot of fun.

The Drive In Will Never Die
These words are more than just Joe Bob’s catchphrase, rather they’re a description of the series itself.  Given its relative low production costs (compared to something scripted like Creepshow), there’s honestly no reason the series couldn’t continue forever.

There are always more movies out there.  And given what Joe Bob did with themes in Season 3 (VHS Night, Devil’s Night), it would awesome to see this continued in Season 4.  They could even do different decades or subgenres as themes.

Either way, The Last Drive In is very much here to say.  And until there comes a day that Joe Bob doesn’t want to do it anymore, there’s no reason it can’t continue forever!

Joe Bob 3
Until the next special, we can always hold ourselves over by watching previous episodes on Shudder

What do you hope to see in The Last Drive In Season 4?  Let us know in the comments!

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