Universal Drops Bloody and Brutal Trailer for “Halloween Kills”

The wait is finally over, for the full trailer that is.  After being postponed an entire year to October 2021, Universal finally dropped the first full trailer of Halloween Kills, at 10pm EST no less!

We had previously seen a brief snippet of the triumphant trio (Laurie, her daughter, and granddaughter) in a 30 second clip, but here we get Michael Myers himself, and whole lot of brutality!

Creative Weaponry
One of the first things that stands out is just how brutally violent this trailer is.  It didn’t have the red band in front of it, and if not, it’s very much pushing the boundaries.  We see Michael Myers attacking a team of firefighters who attempt to put out the fire at Laurie Strode’s house, left at the end of the last movie.

Halloween 1
Most people would probably be grateful to the firefighters trying to put that out the blaze that was going to burn them alive…

After 40 years of watching Halloween films, we’ve primarily seen Michael kill with his signature kitchen knife (with the occasional shotgun through the torso), so it’s really fascinating to see him wield such a variety of deadly objects in this trailer. These range from a fireplace poker, a broken fluorescent light bulb, an electric saw

Tons of Callbacks
Halloween 2018 was as much an exercise in fan service as it was its own sequel, and it looks like that’s continuing here.  The trailer features a brief shot of dead bodies, wearing the iconic Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Halloween 4
Getting stabbed to death by Michael Myers is still probably better than your face exploding from the inside and snakes/bugs crawling out. Just saying…

We also see Laurie in the hospital, which echoes the entire plot of Halloween II, as well as her granddaughter Alyson forming a mob to go after Myers, much like Loomis did in Halloween 4.

And of course, what is this franchise without John Carpenter’s iconic score?  Which is also featured throughout the trailer, but in a really kickass electronic rock remix.

Fringe of the Supernatural
One line that particular stood out was Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie stating that, “Michael Myers is flesh and blood, but a man couldn’t have survived that fire.  The more he kills, the more he transcends.”

Halloween 2
Laurie is going full Loomis, in the sense that she’s starting to sound just as crazy as Michael.

All of this leans heavily into his whole “shape of evil” mythos, suggesting that not only is Michael becoming less human, but that maybe he’s gaining supernatural qualities.  At this point, it’s just a theory based on a cool line, but it would be really interesting to see that play out; and hopefully better than the whole Cult of Thorn storyline did.

No matter how it plays out, it’s safe to say that this movie looks like it’s really ramping up the action and intense violence, which means Halloween Kills is a truly apt title.  We’ll just have to wait until October 15 to see if it’s as awesome as it looks!

Halloween 5
Check out the full trailer here!

What did you think of the trailer?  What do you hope to see in Halloween Kills?  Let us know in the comments!

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One thought on “Universal Drops Bloody and Brutal Trailer for “Halloween Kills”

  1. Why do they have to show so much in the trailers? Just do a cool trailer that shows him walking out. We all know who he kills and what he uses. It gives too much away and now the shock is gone.

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