Netflix Releases Sneak Peek of “Stranger Things” Season 4

A month ago, the two year anniversary of the premiere of Stranger Things came and went, with still no new word about the fourth season, which many worried might never come.  Pandemic delays aside, Netflix has been dropping us breadcrumbs here and there.

But this morning, fans of 80s nostalgia were treated to a bit more with a 30 second “sneak peek” that’s not quite a teaser trailer, but it does gives us the very first images and footage of a season that’s been over two years in the making!

Granted the first half is footage we’ve already seen from Seasons 1-3, but there are a few new images that are bound to spark speculation:

Here we see Hopper (sporting a shaved head), carrying a flamethrower, either for use on the Russian soldiers holding him captive, or some creature from the Upside Down…
Eleven being dragged away by government men in suits…again. She’s probably quite tired of this now!
The original quartet of Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas on their bikes.
Steven, Dustin, Nancy, Max, Lucas, and Robin looking at something foreboding. Robin is clearly “part of the group” now.

Granted, these images are only a few frames in the last 15 seconds of the video itself, and they’re not heavy on plot.  But thus far, this is the most we’ve seen.  The “twist” that Hopper was still alive had already been revealed in a previous image, but it’s still fun to see him (especially with a flamethrower).

In the absence of anything else to go on, just seeing these characters, now a few years older is both a reminder that we ourselves are getting old, but that the story and characters of Hawkins are moving too.

It’s just enough to keep us invested.  Although it would have been 10x more exciting if this video had included a specific month/day when it just said “coming in 2022”>

Stranger Things is premiering on Netflix in 2022!

What did you think of the video?  What do you hope to see in Stranger Things Season 4?  Let us know in the comments!

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