Creepy Thriller “Superhost”, Starring Barbara Crampton Coming to Shudder Sept. 2!

It’s going to be quite the month for Barbara Crampton over at Shudder as her critically acclaimed performance in Jakob’s Wife becomes available as an exclusive on August 19.  And now that month gets even better as another movie feature Crampton, Superhost becomes available as a Shudder Original on September 2!

Premiering first at Popcorn Frights in Fort Lauderdale, FL on August 14, and then digitally on Shudder 19 days later, Superhost follows two vloggers who wind up regretting their lodging arrangements.  According to the synopsis via press release, they wind up staying with a “superhost” Rebecca, who winds up being far more creepy and menacing than they bargained for.

Never trust someone this nice from the get go…

In age filled with finding drivers and places to stay online amongst strangers, Superhost seems to be evoking the same relatable terror we saw in movies like 13/14 Cameras, and of course the modern found footage classic Creep.

Starring Osric Chau (Supernatural), Sarah Canning (Nancy Drew), Gracie Gillam (Z Nation), and of course the legendary Barbara Crampton, the trailer looks like just the kind of gritty, indie horror film that tends to thrive best on a platform like Shudder!

Shudder is a great champion of indie horror and content creators, which is very much reflected in the fact that these characters are vloggers.

While Crampton herself is noticeably absent from the trailer (save for a single frame that might be a spoiler), she’s the type of actor who can easily make a lasting impression with only a few minutes of screen time.  But that’s just an assumption at this point, hopefully she’s in it for more than that.

Writer/Director Brandon Christensen is also no stranger to the streaming service, as his previous films Still/Born and Z (Wants to Play) were both previously released as a Shudder Exclusive and Original, respectively.

On the subject of Christensen, Shudder GM had this to say: “We’re thrilled Brandon remains in the Shudder family, and are eagerly anticipating creeping out our members’ long weekends” (referring to the movie’s release date just ahead of Labor Day in the U.S.).

Check out the full trailer here!

What did you think of the trailer?  What’s the creepiest encounter you’ve ever had with any kind of host, super or not?  Let us know in the comments!

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