Netflix Releases Sneak Peek of “Stranger Things” Season 4

A month ago, the two year anniversary of the premiere of Stranger Things came and went, with still no new word about the fourth season, which many worried might never come.  Pandemic delays aside, Netflix has been dropping us breadcrumbs here and there. But this morning, fans of 80s nostalgia were treated to a bit more with a 30 second “sneak peek” that’s not quite … Continue reading Netflix Releases Sneak Peek of “Stranger Things” Season 4

“The Suicide Squad” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

The story of how this movie came to be is almost as interesting as the movie itself.  After being rashly dismissed by Marvel and Disney in 2019, James Gunn was immediately courted with a silver platter by Warner Bros. and DC. Offering him the chance to make his own Suicide Squad movie (especially after the first one failed so spectacularly), it was an opportunity he … Continue reading “The Suicide Squad” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

American Horror Stories: “Ba’al” Review

How far would you go to prove your sanity?  How far would you go to protect yourself and your child?  The latest episode of American Horror Stories “Ba’al” deals with both of these questions.  And while it still has all the usual clunky-ness and lack of subtlety that AHS is known for, it might just be the best episode thus far. The Deal Opening at … Continue reading American Horror Stories: “Ba’al” Review

20 Fun Facts About “The Others”

The haunted house ghost story remains one of the oldest themes in all of horror, dating back to 19th century novels (and folklore long before that).  There’s something equally frightening and intriguing, and just a little bit ethereal about ghost stories.  They frighten us, but provide a window into the afterlife, something most of us question and wonder about. Despite the subgenre being so played … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “The Others”