MCU Announces Oct. 7, 2022 Release Date for Blade (Sort Of)

Marvel and vampire fans rejoice!  The wait may soon be over for Blade’s debut in the MCU.  Following a trilogy of movies starring Wesley Snipes and produced by New Line Cinema, Marvel had announced that Mahershala Ali would take on the role, but said very little more than that.

Special Announcement
According to a verified tweet from Marvel India earlier today, the new Blade film will debut a year from now on October 7, 2022.  Given its horror roots, the October release is pretty apt.  And given Blade’s history with Spider-Man in the TV series, location in New York City, and the introduction of Morbius via the Sony universe, the possibilities are truly endless.

Blade 1
Some have called this graphic into question, especially since it doesn’t include Spider-Man: No Way Home, however that might be because that’s being distributed by Sony.

As previously mentioned, the role will now be played by Mahershala Ali, who is best known for Green Book, True Detective, as well as a very underrated USA series The 4400, back in 2004.  After the publicly troubled production that was Blade: Trinity, it will be exciting to see him return, especially now able to interact with other Marvel characters.

Horror in the MCU
Since its inception, the MCU has admittedly been known for primarily action/adventure type films.  The franchise has been criticized for having a formula, especially when it comes to characters’ origin stories.  Though we have seen a few bending genres like Guardians of the Galaxy being a space comedy, Winter Soldier being a spy thriller, and Ant-Man being a heist film.

And while the Disney+ series varied greatly in style and tone, we’ve yet to get something that was full horror.  Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness promises to start that trend, and hopefully Blade will continue it.

Blade 3
We’ve already seen him work with Spider-Man in the cartoon!

Although, one thing we probably can count on is that Marvel (and Disney) will be reluctant to go for the R rating as the previous Blade films were, and it will probably be toned down quite a bit in the violence and gore department.

Either way, hopefully this tweet proves to be true.  Admittedly it’s a bit strange that it came solely from Netflix India and not any of their other accounts throughout the world.  But time will tell.  And hopefully one year from now we’ll all be enjoying a new Blade film with Mahershala Ali!

What do you hope to see in the Blade movie?  What other horror movies should the MCU take on?  Let us know in the comments!

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