The Last Drive In: Walking Dead Special Coming to Shudder Oct. 29

Things just keep getting better over at Shudder! The 61 Days of Halloween celebration is sneaking in one final treat in the form of one more Last Drive In special with the legendary Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy!

He’s done Dinners of Death before but never zombie apocalypses

Despite all being owned by the same parent company, this will be the first time that The Last Drive In has featured The Walking Dead, or a TV series to begin with.  In hindsight it seems like a no Brainerd, especially considering the overlap in fantasy.

The zombie series has run for over 10 years on AMC and has become a beacon of horror itself.  The Oct. 29 special will reportedly feature the first two episodes of The Walking Dead.

And joining Joe Bob and Darcy is none other than horror icon Greg Nicotero. In addition to designing gleefully grotesque makeup effects in countless films, Nicotero is also an executive producer of Walking Dead, as well as the showrunner for Shudder’s own Creepshow series.

Their conversation will reportedly focus on the evolution of walkers as well as highlighting some of the most interesting ones from the series!

Be sure to check out the special on Shudder Friday, Oct. 29, 2021!

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