How You Can be Part of “In Search of Darkness Part III”

When it comes to decades of horror, the 1980’s remains the undisputed champion for the sheer amount of movies made, particularly when it came to slashers.  The 2019 documentary In Search of Darkness (and its sequel) delighted fans with a trip down memory lane, featuring interviews with countless actors/writers/directors who all had a hand in making these films.

For those who loved the first two movies, or 80’s horror in general, we have great news!  Not only is there a third In Search of Darkness documentary in the works, but YOU can get involved and even have your name featured in the credits!

Click here to see the backer page and become part of the new upcoming documentary!

Backers of In Search of Darkness will have access to:

You Choose The Movies – Which films and topics do you want to see covered in In Search of Darkness: Part III? We’ll be surveying our backers to find out exactly what you want to see, then using that information to create the documentary.

Quarterley Live Q&As – Join the production team for quarterly live Q&As where we’ll answer your questions, provide insights into the production process, and deliver first glimpses of in-progress sections of the documentary itself.

Submit Interview Questions – Have you got a burning question you’d love to ask your favorite horror star? We’ll be offering backers the opportunity to submit interview questions before we film a new interview. 

Exclusive Backer’s Movie Club – Every month, watch a movie (separately) then meet together on Zoom to discuss a movie together in a moderated discussion with like-minded fans. This is in addition to our current bi-weekly watch parties and does not replace them.

Unearth Forgotten Gems – Discover lesser-known horror classics that you may have missed then tick them off on the included checklist. Share your progress with other members of the community – who will be the first to watch them all?

In Search of Darkness Membership Card – Display your membership of this select group of horror superfans with pride with our membership card. We’ll be using this card as a gateway to access exclusive future content and deals with selected partners.

If you’re interested in becoming a backer, click here!

The deal expires at midnight on Halloween!


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