Chucky: “Just Let Go” Review

Following a fiery episode that resulted in the death of one of Jake’s classmates, and an inferno that left several others in the hospital, the latest episode of Chucky slows down a bit and takes time with its characters.

Unlikely Alliance
Jake arrives at the hospital to find his cousin Junior, his romantic interest Devon, and Lexy’s little sister Caroline (whom he gave Chucky to) all admitted with some sort of lung issue from the fire.  He also discovers that Oliver was stabbed to death before the fire started.

Chucky 3
The parents are reeling from everything as well, and all blame each other.

Now fully believing in Chucky, Lexy confronts Jake and despite being angry that he set Chucky after her, they team up because frankly no one else will believe them.  They go back to Lexy’s house to find a very burned up (but still deadly) Chucky.

He attempts to finish the job killing Lexy, but they all wind up getting picked up by police and brought back to the hospital.  Here, Chucky kills the officer and demonstrates his complete psychopathy by attempting to kill Carline by unplugging her ventilator.

Chucky 6
Chucky’s grotesque appearance is not only a callback to how he’s looked in previous movies, but it’s the perfect representation of who he really is.

Finding Captain Hook
As Jake and Lexy deal with Chucky, Devon begins to delve into Chucky’s history on the internet.  He finds articles about Tiffany, as well as Nica’s escape from the asylum at the end of Cult of Chucky.  This research kicks off a series of flashbacks that shows a teenage Charles Lee Ray following his murder of his mother.

We see him in a boys home and at first he seems like a good big brother to the younger boys there, reading them stories of Peter Pan.  But when he actually kills someone claiming he was Captain Hook, they all freak out, save for one with a very familiar name.

Chucky 7
He was pretty creepy back then too…

The young boy who looks up to Charles is revealed to be Eddie Kaputo, his partner in crime from the first Child’s Play who would later abandon him during the police chase.  Chucky of course got explosive revenge on him later in that movie, but it was a cool detail that’s the result of Don Mancini being at the head of this franchise since the very beginning.

The Reckoning
The last three episodes did a great job of building uncomfortable tension that finally blew up in this episode.  Lexy’s confrontation with Jake reveals a vulnerability that we haven’t really seen from her.  Granted, we’ve seen her parents neglect her.  They even continue to do so here by blaming everything on Lexy, including the fire.

But she’s not only angry that Jake gave the order for Chucky to kill her, she seems genuinely hurt.  As if up to that point, she was just a typical mean girl in school who didn’t understand the scope of her actions.  Lexy’s clearly unhappy with her home life, and bullying Jake was her only way of giving herself self-esteem.

Chucky 2
Despite how horrible she’s been, she’s still just a young teenage girl who isn’t fully emotionally matured or developed.

However, it seems like she’s not as upset at Jake as she is at herself.  Learning that Jake wanted her dead holds a metaphorical mirror up to herself, showing her how terrible a human being she has become.

And she’s not the only one not liking what they see in the mirror.  Jake himself is horrified at Oliver’s death, as well as the fire and all the pain and chaos that Chucky has caused.  Only then does he see how good a manipulator Chucky was and how he’s been played this entire time.

This episode may not have been the most action-packed or eventful, but it just might be the best one thus far for what it did with its characters!

What did you think of this episode?  What do you hope to see next week?  Let us know in the comments!

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