“The Last Thing Mary Saw” – Movie Review

Fear of the unknown mixed with religious fanaticism is often a recipe for disaster.  In Shudder’s latest original movie, The Last Thing Mary Saw, we firsthand how out of control things can get.  Featuring a strong cast with several recognizable faces to horror fans, The Last Thing Mary Saw takes a dramatic slowburn approach, with the tension just under the surface, ready to burst at … Continue reading “The Last Thing Mary Saw” – Movie Review

Shudder’s February Lineup Includes New Valentine’s Day Last Drive in Special

Between the chill of winter and the fiery passion of Valentine’s Day, Shudder’s keeping things interesting this February.  Their lineup includes more exciting originals, a Valentine’s themed Last Drive In special, a few vintage classics, and a collection of movies honoring the late and great Boris Karloff. Check out the full lineup: Originals/Exclusives February 1 – The Boris Karloff Collection In conjunction with the Shudder … Continue reading Shudder’s February Lineup Includes New Valentine’s Day Last Drive in Special

Ranking Every “Scream” Movie

When it comes to self-aware, analytical horror, no franchise comes close to Scream.  Not only did it revitalize slashers in the late 90s, but its meta approach seems to now be the standard for any modern slasher that hopes to rise above the old tropes. So with its latest installment tackling the infamously prevalent “requel”, we thought it would be fun to jump on the … Continue reading Ranking Every “Scream” Movie

Scream (2022) – Movie Review [Spoiler Free]

In an age of cheap cash grab “requels” that are devoid of anything new or original (we’re looking at you Halloween 2018, Force Awakens, and Jurassic World), one meta series has returned for a post post-modern look at the genre.  Scream (2022) may be as un-originally titled as several other “requels” or “soft reboots”, but it is in no way like the rest. Return to … Continue reading Scream (2022) – Movie Review [Spoiler Free]

“For the Sake of Vicious” – Movie Review

When pushed far enough, there’s no telling what acts of brutality an ordinary person is capable of.  Shudder’s latest exclusive film For the Sake of Vicious takes an ordinary Halloween night, and turns it into an evening of disturbing allegations, and gruesome violence perpetrated by people who never imagined they’d be doing so. Getting to the Truth Following a long and exhausting shift, nurse Romina … Continue reading “For the Sake of Vicious” – Movie Review