Stranger Things Season 4 Set to Premiere as Two Volumes – May 27/July 1, 2022!

At long last and with apparently only three months to go, Netflix has dropped an upside down bomb on us with three huge reveals!

Two Volumes
Coming nearly 3 years after the premiere of Season 3, Stranger Things Season 4 will premiere in two volumes: on May 27 and July 1, 2022!  In a Twitter post, Netflix not only revealed the dual release dates, but the fact that Season 4 will be twice as long as the previous one, which we can only assume these two “volumes” will be the length of an entire season (possibly 8 to 10 episodes).
It would partially explain why it’s been such a long time in the making, along with the obvious production delays due to global pandemic.  But as things begin to calm on that front, getting a double season of Stranger Things is perhaps the exact medicine society needs to feel normal again!

Ramping Up to the End
In a follow up tweet, Netflix announced that this will all lead up to a 5th and final season, which is “how the creators always envisioned it”.  Netflix promises that this double season with be jam packed with new characters, locations, creatures, and given the three year hiatus, it’s exactly what fans have been craving!
Both volumes premiere on Fridays, so request the day off from work now if you’re planning on a binge watch!

The announcement coincided with the release of these kickass posters as well!

What do you hope to see in Season 4 of Stranger Things?  Let us know in the comments!

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