“The Seed” – Movie Review

If there’s anything we’ve learned from sci-fi movies, it’s to never mess with anything that falls out of the sky.  Shudder’s latest original movie, The Seed, takes a more comedic and intentionally campy approach to this subject matter.  And the result is very much a mixed bag…

Weekend Getaway
We begin with three friends, Charlotte, Deidre, and Heather as they stay in a secluded house with a pool for the weekend to unwind.  It’s made quite clear from the start that Charlotte is the most level-headed and down to earth, while Heather and (especially) Deidre are downright annoying with how stuck up they are.  One of the first lines from Deidre is how she’s an influencer and her subsequent attitude and behavior are very much in line with that.

Lucy Martin as Deidre  - The Seed - Photo Credit: Shudder
The first half feels like an entirely different movie…

On their first night, they gaze up at the sky to catch a meteor shower, but something unexpected falls from the sky and lands in the pool.  At first it appears to be some sort of rock, but gradually reveals itself to be some sort of creature that resembles a large rat.

Feeling sympathy for it, Charlotte brings it inside the house, much to Deidre’s dismay.  But before she can get in touch with a vet or animal control to get rid of it, the creature becomes far more dangerous than any of them could have anticipated.

Going Full Body Horror
As previously mentioned, this movie is very much a mixed bag.  The comedy doesn’t really work, but when it delves into sci-fi horror, and particularly body horror, it really shines.  Without giving too much away, we’re treated to genuinely decent practical makeup effects. And while at times they feel cheaply made, it’s very much in line with the kind of schlocky subgenre this movie is going for.

The extra-terrestrial creature almost has a personality and sense of humor that it manages to emote from a rubber puppet.  There’s something inherently absurd about minimally-dressed beautiful women being seduced by grotesque creatures while in pure ecstasy.  And the movie rightly leans into this absurdity.

 - The Seed - Photo Credit: Shudder
To its credit, these are some great practical effects!

In terms of cosmic horror, it’s not quite Color Out of Space or The Beyond, but it feels like a campier version of both of those.  Visually, it’s disturbing at times, even though it’s never thematically disturbing if that makes sense.

Too Campy?
The body and cosmic horror aspects definitely exist in a fun camp that’s both ridiculous and enjoyable.  But the characters themselves aren’t as interesting as the plot of the movie they’re in.  It results in the first half of the movie just coming off as unfunny and a chore to get through, but a second half that fully commits to the insanity.

So if you can manage get through the first half, the second half is well worth it and enjoyable!

What did you think of The Seed?  What are some of your favorite campy horror movies?  Let us know in the comments!

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