“The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs” 4th Season Debuting April 29, 2022

Fans of The Last Drive in with Joe Bob Briggs can rejoice!  Earlier today, the legendary film critic/comedian took to Twitter to announce that the much anticipated fourth season will debut on April 29, 2022!

100th Movie
According to Joe Bob’s tweet, this premiere episode will be the 100th film shown on the Shudder series.  Hard to believe considering this is only season 4, but let us not forget the many specials, as well as the 24 hour marathon that started it all.  If we count the two Walking Dead episodes shown in October as movies, the number does indeed stand at 99.

Joe Bob’s tweet also mentions “special guest” that the host does not know.  Can we assume this means that Joe Bob himself will be surprised?  Can we assume that he will also be surprised by the movie the same way Darcy did when she showed Hogzilla in that infamous episode?!

How could we ever forget this classic?!

Either way, it’ll be incredibly exciting and interesting to see where it goes.  For diehard fans, the 10 week run of The Last Drive In is the absolute highlight of their year.  Assuming it runs for 10 weeks straight, the finale will drop on July 1st, which would make for a great 4th of July themed episode with movies like Uncle Sam, but maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

What movies do you hope to see in Season 4 of The Last Drive In?  Let us know in the comments!

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