Netflix’s “Resident Evil” Series Premiering July 14, 2022

Following a reboot this past Fall, the Resident Evil franchise is moving to the small screen, as was announced by Netflix some time ago.  However, they’re hotly anticipated live action series has just been given a release date.  Earlier today, from their official account, Netflix tweeted, “Evil has evolved.  The new live action Resident Evil series premieres July 14”.

Old Blood, New Life
As previously mentioned, this follows a previous reboot, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.  While that was certainly more video-game accurate, it wasn’t quite as well received as it could have been, given audiences familiarity with the Milla Jovovich starring film series.

The new series will reportedly be set in 2036, 14 years after the initial T-virus outbreak (which would put that event in our present year of 2022).  Not much else is known, other than the new cast, and that it will be its own separate continuity from either the previous film series or the ill-fated reboot.

Resident Evil Racoon City
The 2021 reboot was actually a pretty decent movie. Check out our full review here!

Developer and Executive Producer Andrew Dabb of Supernatural fame will be behind the camera.  Given that this will be a new entity on a new platform, it may fare better and succeed in keeping the franchise alive.  Like anything other IP that movies from film to TV, there is an opportunity to tell longer-form stories given the runtime and multi episode arcs that TV allows for.

Resident Evil postersNetflix also released a series of new posters to promote the event!

Are you excited for the new Resident Evil TV series?  What do you hope to see most?  Let us know in the comments!

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