“Scream 6” Gets Release Date of March 31, 2023

The latest Scream requel remains one of the biggest horror releases since the pandemic began, so it was only a matter of time before a sequel was greenlit.  While Paramount had previously announced that it was happening, we just got our confirmation today that the tentatively titled Scream 6 will release in theaters March 31, 2022!

Scream 1That’s right!  Horror fans will only have to wait 14 months from the release of the last movie for the next installment!

Returning Cast
While there’s been speculation, but no confirmation on whether Neve Campbell is returning, we do know that Courteney Cox will be back for the sixth installment in the series.  Unfortunately David Arquette won’t be back (for obvious reasons), but it would be difficult to imagine a Scream movie without Sidney Prescott.

Granted, this past movie saw her play the smallest role she’s ever had in the series, and the plan may be for Gale Weathers to be the legacy character that the audience has to lean on, while introducing new ones and probably returning some of the newer teen characters we met in Scream (2022).

Scream 2
Here’s to hoping Jenna Ortega returns because she played a great character!

Post Requel?
All of this however begs the question, do we really need another Scream sequel?  To be fair, you could have asked the same question about any of the last 3 sequels in the series.  But Scream (2022) did such a great job of dissecting requels and questioning their need to exist.  It even ended with Gale deciding not to write another book, thus leaving the killers to die in anonymity.

All of this suggests that movie “knew better” so to speak.  That said, Hollywood is Hollywood and given t movie’s massive success, there was no way there wasn’t going to be a sequel.  But for now, we’ll be optimistic and hope for the best, and look forward to this in just about a year from now!

What do you hope to see in Scream 6?  Let us know in the comments!

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