“See For Me” – Movie Review

We rely on our five senses to inform us about the world around us.  And while not everyone has all five, those that don’t can often find ways to use their other ones to greater advantage.  Shudder’s latest exclusive home invasion thriller See For Me taps into that idea.  Featuring an admittedly tried and true setup, it has enough creativity and twists to put a spin on a genre that can easily fall into cliché.

No One Suspects the Blind Girl
Opening with a blind former skier Sophie (Skyler Davenport) as she listens to an old video of her at an Olympic event, we quickly discover that her life is far from what she wants it to be.  Between an overbearing, overprotective mother and house-sitting employers who all seem to take condescending pity on her, she just wants to be treated normally.

See for Me 0
Sophie is portrayed by Skyler Davenport who is blind in real life and championed the film for its progressive representation. They are mostly known for voice-over work in video games and anime, and other cartoons.

As she goes off for a cat-sitting job in a secluded mansion in upstate New York, we learn that while she plays the part of the “innocent disabled person” that people treat her like, she’s actually swiping petty valuables from their houses to sell for profit.

Much like the people in See For Me do, a lot of movies treat disabled characters with this almost saintlike quality, which in a weird way objectifies them into a prop that abled audiences can watch and feel good about.  Sophie is a great character because she’s a regular, flawed person, who just happens to be blind.  It makes for a much more interesting and relatable protagonist as well.

See for Me 1
It does make you all the more invested once everything starts.

Burglary Gone Wrong
Just as Sophie’s plotting her own mini heist of a valuable wine bottle, a group of three men enter the home and go right for a hidden safe, which they claim contains $7 million cash.  Using the help of an app which shares the movie’s title, Sophie is guided with the help of Kelly (Jessica Parker Kennedy).

Fortunately for Sophie, Kelly is a combat veteran who’s able to help keep her alive during a tense game of hide and seek where the stakes are life and death.  By the end, Sophie goes to some genuinely dark places that makes for a much more interesting story than your typical home invasion movie.

See for Me 2
Kelly never leaves this computer for the entire movie, but Jessica Parker Kennedy (Black Sails, The Flash, The Secret Circle) does a great job with just her voice. We really feel like she’s trying very hard to remain calm for Sophie’s sake.

In most setups like this, the person defending the house is the obvious “good guy” and those breaking in are the “bad guys”.  See For Me portrays its characters as more human and three-dimensional.  Some of the burglars are quick and ready to use lethal force on Sophie just to remove her from the equation, while others are genuinely disturbed by the idea.  There’s a world of difference between being okay with stealing something and being okay with killing someone.

Likewise, Sophie acts in self-defense, but there’s a dark side to her that comes out when she’s pushed.  At one point she’s even willing to be cut in on their burglary for a piece of the prize.  Sophie is absolutely no saint, and her flaws make her more interesting to watch.

If you are going to watch See For Me, it’s probably best to do so in a very dark room at night.  Not for ghostly effects, but because many of the shots are lit with absolute minimal lighting.  This makes sense from a practical standpoint, as Sophie doesn’t need the lights, and the burglars want to move in the shadows.  But it also helps disorient the audience so we feel as she does.

See for Me 3
It does make for some great silhouette shots though!

Overall, See For Me is a legitimately tense thriller that has enough surprises throughout its runtime to keep its audience engaged.  If you were a fan of movies like Hush or Don’t Breathe, you’ll probably really enjoy this one!

What did you think of See For Me? Let us know in the comments!

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