“WNUF Halloween Sequel” Teaser Promises More Nostalgic Halloween Fun

Fans nostalgia and Halloween can rejoice!  Back in 2013, the world was treated to a fascinating experimental film titled WNUF Halloween Special.  Structured like a news broadcast that went terribly wrong due to supernatural activity, it featured vintage commercials and just oozed all things Halloween and 80’s nostalgia.

The film itself mostly gained a cult following from online streaming audiences, most notably when it was added to Shudder’s lineup a few years ago.  Due to its cult status, writer/director Chris LaMartina launched a GoFundMe for a sequel back in 2020, and as of this morning, he released the film’s first teaser!

Chris LaMartina released the teaser via this tweet. Check out the full teaser by clicking here!

While only 33 seconds in length, the teaser draws us into this eerily realistic world of news broadcasts with text/narration on screen with very quick snippets of what we can expect to be scenes from the movie itself.  For many who were unfamiliar with the crowdfunding campaign, this release was the first time they even knew that a sequel was happening.

One of the few very brief images that only stays on a screen for a fraction of a second in the teaser.

While there is no exact release date mentioned, LaMartina mentioned “screenings this fall” meaning we can hopefully expect an initial festival release by the end of 2022.  Obviously, the best time to do so would be in October, which might mean getting it as early as 5 months from now.  But time will tell!

What did you like most about WNUF Halloween Special? What do you hope to see in the sequel?  Let us know in the comments!

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