Rob Zombie Keeps True to Original “Munsters” in New Teaser Trailer

Well known for his brutally violent, gleefully gory, and downright despicable movies, Rob Zombie shocked the world when he announced that he would be writing and directing a modern adaptation of The Munsters TV series from the 60’s.

Zombie himself has long been a fan of the show, even featuring it in one of his movies on a TV screen.  Despite this, it seemed strange that someone known for making such adult-oriented films would be doing his very first family friendly film.

RZ 1
Of course, it is still a Rob Zombie film in the sense that it stars his wife Sheri Moon Zombie.

After a slew of set photos released over social media these last few months, we finally got our first teaser trailer and it seems that Zombie is keeping his word to keep things true and respectful to the original.  The minute long teaser features a recreation of the TV show’s opening credits, with Zombie’s actors recreating the same beats and movements as they exit the front door of their Mockingbird Lane house.

After which, we switch to color and see Herman, Lily, and Grandpa sitting on the couch, sarcastically wondering what to do next.  All in all, it seems to be sending a message that this is less a “Rob Zombie” film and more a true adaptation of the beloved series.  It suggests that Zombie may just be “translating” the material for a new audience, even trying to keep it feeling like episodes of the original show.

RZ 3
He has the look down!

It’s an interesting departure for him, but will ultimately prove if his talents as a director can extend beyond the normal body of work that he does.  We’ll have to see if the movie itself follows through with what the teaser is promising, but it will be fascinating to see!

What do you think of Rob Zombie’s Munsters teaser? What do you hope to see in the movie itself?  Let us know in the comments!

RZ 2
We do know it’s coming out sometime this year, but no exact release date yet…

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One thought on “Rob Zombie Keeps True to Original “Munsters” in New Teaser Trailer

  1. Well this looks a whole lot better than Rob Zombie’s slasher films which are always exceedingly horrible. Hopefully his wifey took some much needed acting lessons before potentially ruining this flick.


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