20 Fun Facts About “Scooby-Doo”

For decades, the name Scooby-Doo has been synonymous with solving mysteries, and introducing generations of children to spooky themes and ideas.  So it was no surprise that in 2002, the long-running cartoon property finally got a live action adaptation, and its reviews were mixed at best.

Some hated the campy nature and found it too raunchy for a kids movie and too goofy for a serious movie.  But in the 20 years that have passed, it has found its cult status among fans who appreciate it as a 2000s campy monster horror film.  So in honor of its 20th anniversary today, here are 20 fun facts about Scooby-Doo!

1. James Gunn’s original script was much more adult, including Shaggy being an actual stoner, Velma and Daphne having a relationship, and much more violent and scary.  However it was edited down for a family-friendly PG rating.

2. There was even a kissing scene between Velma and Daphne that was cut from the final movie.

3. Director Raja Gosnell wanted an actual couple to play Fred and Daphne.  Once Sarah Michelle Gellar signed on, she convinced Freddy Prinze Jr. to sign on as well.

4. Both Gellar and Prinze hated their costumes.  Freddie Prinze Jr. couldn’t stand the signature ascot, and Sarah Michelle Gellar always took off her go go boots in between takes.

SD 4
It wasn’t a total wash though, as the two got engaged during production and are still married 20 years later!

5. Isla Fisher was cast as Mary Jane after narrowly losing the part of Daphne.

6. Both Jim Carrey and Mike Myers were considered for the role of Shaggy.

7. Tim Curry was offered a role, but turned it down as soon as he found out Scrappy was going to be featured in the movie.

8. Scooby-Doo was the last movie that William Hanna (of Hanna Barbera) produced.  He died during production, in March 2001.

9. The scenes on Spooky Island were shot on location at the Tangalooma Resort, located on Moreton Island, just off the coast of Brisbane, Australia.

SD 10
It’s a gorgeous location and shockingly, no other movie or show has ever filmed there…

10. Sarah Michelle Gellar was shooting this film along with season 6 of Buffy at the same time.  As a result, she would fly back and forth from Los Angeles to Australia, and had to wear a red wig during filming.

11. At first, Matthew Lillard achieved Shaggy’s voice by screaming until he was actually hoarse.  But this took such a toll on his vocal chords, that he just started imitating how he sounded when hoarse.

12. After production, Freddie Prinze Jr. shaved his head since the bleaching to get it blond ruined his hair completely.

13. Many Harry Potter fans bought tickets to Scooby Doo just to see the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets trailer, and then left the theater after it played.

14. In the years that followed, most of the cast disowned the movie.  The only one who seemed to (eventually) embrace it was Matthew Lillard, who voiced Shaggy in many animated movies/series going forward.

15. Screenwriter James Gunn has even admitted that he regrets making Scrappy Doo the villain, because of the backlash from fans.

SD 15
The awful CGI didn’t help either…

16. Gunn also claims that there exists an R rated cut, and that many of the female cast members’ cleavages had to be removed via CGI.

17. Freddie Prinze Jr. was nominated for both Worst Supporting Actor at the Razzies, and Choice Actor, Comedy at the Teen Choice Awards.

18. Despite being critically panned, Scooby-Doo grossed $275.7 million on an $84 million budget, which was enough to spawn sequels, prequels, and spin offs.

19. Remained #1 at the box office for two weeks, until it was beaten by Austin Powers in Goldmember on week three.

20. Winner of the Kid’s Choice Award for “Favorite Fart in a Movie

SD 20
Peak cinema…

Which of these did you already know?  Which ones surprised you?  Let us know in the comments!

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