Rob Zombie Announces “The Munsters” Releasing Straight to Netflix

Rob Zombie’s latest film project The Munsters has been the subject of great intrigue, for both good and bad reasons.  The incredibly divisive director is known for his love of the original Munsters TV series and while the first teaser delighted fans with a recreation of the show’s original opening, the full trailer left a lot to be desired.

RZ Munster 1
It looked like it was shot on an old iPhone…

While fans continue to debate and anticipate (some begrudgingly) the movie to come, Rob Zombie took to Instagram, announcing that his new Munsters film will be releasing straight to Netflix.  And not just that, it will be releasing roughly around the same time as Tim Burton’s upcoming Wednesday series, dealing with the equally iconic Addams family.

RZ Munster 2
Rob Zombie’s Instagram post

The Munsters and Addams were both legendary spooky sitcom families that went head to head back in the 1960’s, and it seems that they will do so again on Netflix.  Honestly though, all this really does is allow each project to help market and promote the other.

Given the trailer’s lukewarm reception, as well as Rob Zombie’s troubled reputation among fans (I write this as a defender of most of his movies), it’s also very likely that Universal didn’t want a theatrical flop on their hands, nor the bad press and potential stock price issues that come with it.  But releasing it direct to streaming means that probably a lot more people will watch it who weren’t necessarily willing to spend a fortune at a movie theater to see it.

Also, for fans of all things spooky and scary, getting both a
Munsters movie and Addams Family TV show in the Fall is the perfect early Halloween present!  So ultimately, this is probably a good thing for both Rob Zombie’s career, as well as horror fans in general.

RZ Munster cover
Hell of a time to be a horror fan!

Are you more likely to watch Rob Zombie’s Munsters on streaming rather than in a theater?  Let us know in the comments!

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